Monday, June 26, 2006


That was me -- breathing a sigh of relief. I'm T-I-R-E-D.

Between baby showers, my parents' party, the baptism, my friend's visit, working and pretty much flying solo while Chris is in this crappy trial, I'm beat.

The good news is that the big stuff is over for awhile and I can kind of coast now. We still have stuff coming up and things like that, but for the most part, I'm good. It's funny how good things, celebrations and stuff can just wear you out. We spent a bunch of money, a ton of time and a boat load of energy on all of it and it just wiped me out. I'm ready for a few quiet weeks but I know that time is just gonna fly by!

On a good note -- we had Georgia's 4 month visit today and all is well. Everyone can ask me now because I finally know -- she weighs 16 lbs, 2 oz. It seems like that's all that anyone wants to know these days -- I think because she looks like such a chunk. I looked and Mitchell didn't weigh 16 pounds until he was 9 months old!! Crazy how different kids can be.

Mitchell was so funny at her appointment. He was nervous at first because I think it was sort of odd for him to be there without being the patient. Once he got comfortable he was Mr. Chatty Chatworth!! The nurse asked if I had any questions for the doctor and he said "I have a question." She said okay -- what would you like to ask? He said "I need to know about Sesame Street and C is for Cookie." LOL What a nut. She said "Well, you make sure to ask the doctor when he comes in." He was like that the rest of the time. Offered his bare belly for the stethescope at one point -- I think he was a bit jealous of the attention. Of course, had it been HIS appointment, I would have been peeling his head out of my lap.

Anyway -- that was our day. Oh - have to mention how completely INTO the library he is these days. It's the highlight of his week and this summer reading program has definitely got him going! I think I might just see if I can keep a reading log for him when it's done and see if they'll give him a sticker every week anyway -- he LOVES it and is so proud.

Okay -- tangent and then I'm done. Chris thinks I'm the only one who would ever notice this, but the weather person on the local 10 pm news is a woman. Every night while she's talking about the current weather, she has a list of 4 towns in/around Denver and EVERY SINGLE NIGHT as she reads the list, she ends with "...and it's ____ degrees in the ______ area." The last one is always the ____ "area". I don't know why it annoys me but it does. Makes Chris laugh because now we see the list flash up and before she says it we say "The Parker Area" or whatever it is. Do you really think no one else notices it? It's like bold print in a book to me.

I think I might be weird. I bet you're thinking that you already knew that, right? :)

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