Monday, June 12, 2006

I love cake.

Mmmmmm. Cake. Good cake -- not dry, but yummy, moist, chocolate creme filled cake.

And I ate 2 pieces today. (And 2 yesterday.)

And this is EXACTLY why I CANNOT have these things in my house!!! My evil SIL insisted on sending it home with me. My husband with a will of steel (um, he was also only home about an hour before we went to sleep and is not locked up in this house with it all day) declined, but not me -- I ate one for each of us -- TWICE. So much for my AWESOME south beach 2 weeks. Ready for those pounds to fly back in my face -- I HAD lost 8 -- I probably just gained all of them back. Oh well -- I'll just start over. It sure was yummy, but I might as well sit on it 'cause it's going STRAIGHT to my butt, I betcha.

Now I hate cake because I love it so much.

Oh -- and quick blowout story for ya -- goes well with cake, don't you think?

We were at the mall today and I look over at Georgia in her cute little white and pink striped outfits with brownish/yellow spots on the waistline (well, if she had a waist -- hee hee).


Brownish yellow spots on the tummy? No -- not usually. Quick peek and yes -- it's poop. Uh-oh -- not a good sign. When this girl decides to blow out, she BLOWS THE HECK OUT. I left Mitchell with my friend at the little play thing in the middle of the mall and head to the family bathroom by the food court. It took me a good 10 minutes to clean her up and I'm glad it wasn't a day where I'd forgotten to fill the wipes holder because I used 8. (I counted.)

I had to wipe her hand off like 3 times because it was all the way up her side to her armpit and she LOVES to stick her hands in her mouth. Then when I was washing her arms off with soap and water she was screaming bloody murder because the sink was waaaayyyy back in the counter and I had to lean her forward against her tummy. (Stupid design for a "family" bathroom, might I add.) Anyway -- thank goodness I had enough wipes and another outfit and a friend to watch Mitchell. Otherwise -- ick. NOT a good story.

Off to do laundry -- think I'll start with that SPECIAL, SPECIAL outfit of Georgia's. :)

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