Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Strange dreams...

Man have I had those lately! Crazy, stupid just WEIRD dreams lately. I hate it because it always gets me all feeling jumpy and stuff when I wake up. Like a "What the heck was THAT about" feeling.

Okay -- shouldn't have titled it this because that's as far as I want to go with that thought. Hee hee. What a nerd.

So, my parents are celebrating 40 years of marriage this weekend. Is that not insane? 40 years? Wow. They just went to Hawaii and had a fantastic time -- that's what I look forward to. Leaving life behind, going on vacation just the two of us, and celebrating all that you've accomplished together. And mourned together. And laughed about together. (You get the idea.)

I wonder if it feels like 40 years -- I'll have to ask them. I already feel like Chris and I have been married forever and we're only working on having our 5th next year. I can't IMAGINE how long it will feel like when we hit 40.

I'm really happy for them and so extremely proud of them. It's so RARE these days for people to stay married for such a long time -- and stay married HAPPILY. And they are. Don't get me wrong -- they argue like normal human beings, but they're still obviously in love. They still *flirt*. I hope we still do at that point -- I think that's probably what keeps it all going. Acting like kids, even though you have adult children and grey hair.

We're having this party and it's mostly family with a few friends. I also spearheaded throwing them a surprise card shower so that's my thing this week -- getting the scrapbook put together with all of that and some pages from our family.

Anyone beginning to see why I called this "Never A Dull Moment"?

Hey -- on that topic (yes, I'm random topic hopper today) someone on Georgia's birth board was trying to catch someone up on what had been happening with all of us since she'd been on vacation all week and there were so many posts. Well, she started off by saying "Tara's been busy as usual." At first I laughed out loud (literally) but then I thought WOW -- crap, I really must be busy. I think I might need to try and weed some things out. But you know what -- I think I'll just end up adding different stuff back in, knowing myself like I do.

Okay -- speaking of doing things, we're going to a kid's free movie today with a friend and her little girl so I need to get some stuff done around here before we go.

Happy Hump Day!

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