Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pretty boring...

Okay, so I mentioned in passing this blog to my hubby the other day and he was astounded that I had one. He's like "So, what do you write?" I said -- nothing, really -- just about every day life. I think he was then even more astounded that people actually read it. I told him it's not like I have a big following or anything, but I think that people like me like to read about other normal (errr-kinda normal) people's lives. Why do you think sitcoms are such a hit? They're based on real life -- they just make it funnier and usually take out the laundry. Everybody Loves Raymond -- there's a good example.

Oh, hi honey, by the way. I plan to send you the link after I finish this so you can see my boring little blog. Hey -- read in the archives, I babbled about being all mushy gushy in love with you there for awhile. Must've been those preggo hormones! Hee hee. Still love you!! :)

Anyway -- I myself was re-reading just now to see what IS it exactly that I have been writing about for almost a year now?

Nada lotta. That's my answer.

The big themes (if you need to catch up) are the following: the weather, laundry, my house that always needs to be cleaned and re-cleaned, running errands, potty training, toddler behavior issues, and me being generally too busy all of the time. (But not too busy to not blog! Ha!)

Despite this little mundane ordinary life theme, I keep doing it (and enjoy it) and others keep reading it from time to time. Kinda crazy, huh?

See, Chris -- I told you - it's just a nerdy little writing outlet for me. Okay, off to fold some laundry and clean the kitchen (again).

There's that theme again...

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Kim said...

Chris, if you read this, you are a very lucky man. My husband has known for a year that I have a blog, but he's been too scared to read it! LOL!