Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'm SUCH the procrastinator...

And here's proof -- I have a list a mile long of things I need to do before I go to bed, it's 11:23 pm and what am I doing? A blog.

I just needed a little break, but I'm just irritated with myself that I didn't get more done ahead of time for this party. To be fair, I've been really busy and extremely tired at night, but still...

Okay -- totally off topic right now -- have you seen that SNL short "Lazy Sunday"? OMG -- they just had it on this repeat of SNL and Chris and I were DYING. I know it's online somewhere -- it's Chris Parnell and someone else and is hysterical. Worth checking out!

Hmmm---back to me. And my procrastination. I suck.

Gotta go -- wanna see my to do list?
*Make an egg dish
*Cut a watermelon and two cantaloupes
*Cook a pound of sausage
*Cut lemons
*Put pastries on a platter and wrap them up
*Give myself a pedicure
*Iron my outfit
*Iron Mitchell's outfit
*Iron Georgia's dress

Oh yeah - and then there's this scrapbook. *ugh* I'm going to bed by 2. Have to! Georgia and I are leaving here at 8:30 so I need SOME sleep. As much as I love my parents and are happy to give them this party, I'm ready for it to be done already.

Let's end on a positive note -- my mom & dad gave me an outfit for Mother's Day that didn't fit right and wasn't really my style. I took it back today and the first outfit I tried on was EXACTLY what I wanted! Amazing -- I actually feel somewhat *okay* in it, too -- didn't hate the way I looked! Oh -- and I'm down 8 lbs in 2 weeks. Pretty good!!

Nighty night, everyone -- I'm off for more work!! Happy 40th, Mom & Dad!!

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