Tuesday, June 20, 2006


These kids love us. I mean they REALLY, REALLY love us. Not because they have to, more because they just can't help it.

My hubby has been working really, really long hours lately and it's been awful for him. I'm not sure who is more miserable out of the four of us -- all I know is that we ALL hate it. We ALL really miss family nights.

The other morning Mitchell woke up when Chris was leaving and he got REALLY sad when Chris got out of the shower. He said "Daddy, are you going bye bye?" Chris said "Yeah, buddy -- I have to go to work." Mitchell just piled himself in a little crumpled ball on my stomach and just looked miserable. I asked him if he was said and he said "Yeah. I want my Daddy." So they had some big hugs and that I know made him feel better, but I think it made Chris feel worse. His trial ends next Monday and none of us can wait for that.

It just struck me today -- they just LOVE us. We think we just love them so much we're going to burst sometimes, but they are the same way, I think. Georgia gets fussy unless she knows you know she's there. All she needs half the time is some eye contact and the occasional "hi" tossed her way and she's fine, but she just NEEDS us.

Ugh. The good news is -- we LOVE these kids. It's more than mutual.

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