Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Technology is a crazy thing...

Okay, so some girls from my birth board were talking about "my space" the other day so I made myself a page. Searched around and found some people I used to know -- bizarre how without even talking to someone you can get a personal glimpse into their lives.

The other day some guy from high school emailed me out of the clear blue sky because he saw my profile at classmates.com. I hadn't talked to him in 15 years -- it was fun, but so strange!!

When I was browsing around myspace.com last night (instead of cleaning my house), I saw these girls from my high school that were seniors this year. I looked at this one girl's page and her comments section read like a phone call. Seriously. It's like we used to pass notes -- they text message each other. We used to talk on the phone, they IM or post myspace messages. Weird.

I think I'm getting old because it's all starting to creep me out.

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