Monday, June 19, 2006

How in the world...

Do we accumulate so much STUFF???? Seriously.

I think that maybe with every holiday/event -- I'll make an effort to get rid of as many things as we take in. I'm just in a little cleaning/organizing kick and looking around the house, in the basement, heck - -even in the garage, we have SO MUCH FREAKIN' CRAP!!!

I don't know where it all comes from and I *really* don't know why we hang onto so much of it. I know there's one box in the basement we've never even unpacked -- it's been here since we moved in 4 and a half years ago. God only knows what's in it. Obviously some VERY important things. Not.

How does that happen though? We need to have a SERIOUS garage sale this summer. We say that every year, but seriously, I really want to this year. I'm thinking in August we'll do it. July is too crazy, and plus that will give me some time to get ready for it.

Ugh. Pack rat syndrome -- NOT good.

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