Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My 200th Post - And A Giveaway!!

Wow! 200 posts! Can you believe it? Mari celebrated her 100th post recently, and it made me realize that I'd never even really paid attention to how many posts I had. I checked it out that day and was surprised to see that I was almost to 200. I started laughing because I couldn't belive I'd actually come up with 200 random things to write about. (I know my husband wouldn't be surprised at all. My guess is he thinks I'm probably babbling my way to 500 by now!)

Tonight I couldn't sleep (ohhh- shocker!) so I just spent about an hour re-reading my previous blog entries. As I waded through forgotten moments in time, feelings, and experiences, it struck me just how much I treasure this outlet. I've grown so much in the past two years -- as a wife, as a mother, as a person, but most importantly as a Child of God. I'm so grateful that I have it all in print and that I've left footprints of this journey that I've been on.

One thing that's been truly wonderful for me is that this is a safe place for me to share my faith. My struggles, my questions, and my reflections about this blessed life the Lord has given to me...I love having a place to express myself about what is becoming a bigger and bigger part of me each day. I read this passage tonight (you know, since I've been up all night) and it immediately made me think of my blog.

Psalm 63: 6-7 "I lie awake thinking of You, meditating on You through the night. I think how much You have helped me; I sing for joy in the shadow of Your protective wings."

Many of my God moments seem to come in the middle of the night - -and it's nice to have an outlet for those thoughts. It's also nice to be connected with people who know what I'm going through, who have been there, and who are able to offer support, love and encouragement. I never would have thought that a blog would be such a blessing in this way!

I have to laugh that my very first post was also written at 5:00 a.m. In fact, I think that at least half of my entries were written between the hours of 12 - 6 a.m. -- I try to make good use of that insomnia thing. By the way, Kim - you were my inspiration to start blogging. I loved reading yours and decided that it would be something fun to try -- and here I am now!

My 100th post celebrated my love of autumn -- of sweater weather, all things pumpkin (how did I forget to mention my beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte, by the way??) and leaf peeping. Today we had a chilly morning here, complete with a cool, autumn rain -- I was in heaven! Who knew 100 posts ago, I was in that same state of mind?

This crazy bloggy world has offered me the chance to get to know some amazing people and to make some new friends. It's also given me an opportunity to get to know people in different ways, and on a much deeper level. It's such a blessing that with the click of a mouse, I am allowed to share such personal and touching parts of people's lives. So - to all of you, my bloggy friends...thanks for letting me come into your worlds each day, and for all of the support, laughs and encouragement you've shared with me in mine. I never would have dreamed I would have so much fun or learn so much about myself and other people this way.

SO...since I've enjoyed this little part of my life so much, I want to celebrate a little bit with my 200th Never-Dull-Moment! Leave a message today telling me about one of your favorite bloggy moments -- it can be a memory you wouldn't have preserved any other way, a friendship you've discovered, a comment from a reader that really touched you...just any moment that makes you glad to be part of this crazy little bloggy world!

Anyone who plays along today will be eligible to win my little prize pack of Colorado goodies! If the random number generator picks the number of your comment -- you win! How easy is that?

What's in the prize pack, you ask?
  • A packet of Aspen Mulling spiced cider mix
  • A packet of cinnamon chocolate hot cocoa mix
  • Some chocolate aspen leaves
  • Mexican pinto bean dip mix (which, by the way will support The Women's Bean Project)
  • A "Colorful Colorado" coloring book (for any little ones that might enjoy it!)

And because you've been fairly warned that poop may be involved when you enter my world...

  • A package of Big Horn Sheep Doodles (double-dipped chocolate covered peanuts)

So, there ya go...200 and counting. Thanks for coming along for the ride!


Renee said...

I'm so thankful that you did that first post 200 entries ago! You inspired me to start on my own blog, and I could never have imagined the way that it would bless my life!!

Every morning (and evening), I look forward to sharing the joys and struggles with my bloggy friends. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you, Tara...and this is only one of the many ways in which your friendship has blessed my life.

Happy 200th! Can't wait to read more!

Earen said...

Congrats on your 200th post! What an amazing journal to have! You are such an inspiration to me too & I've grown to love you as such a cherished friend.

As a new blogger, I was inspired by Sarah's "the best days of my life" words & they deeply touched my heart. Then I found out that you & Renee had a blog & it just added to the gift of your friendships. I've loved reading about everyone's life & meeting new friends! I've enjoyed you Tara...you're a treasure to me & I want you to know that!

I was telling my mom today that the biggest impact to me is how much I've learned in the Lord through writing & how He's convicted my heart. And in knowing that every mother is in the same boat as me..feeling the same things.

Anyway, Tara I love you dearly & you're a gift from Above! Happy 200th post!

Rebekah said...

Congrats on the 200. My sister got me started blogging. Our family is seperated by distance so this was a good way to keep up on day to day stuff.
I have always enjoyed writing and blogging has been a joy to me. I use it to tell funny stories, vent, or express the way I see the world.
It has been a pleasure meeting some wonderful people along the way

Short Stop said...

Ohhhh, sweet new friend...Congrats on your 200th post! What a joy it has been getting to know you...reading about your world, and sharing laughs over Starbucks and all things toddler! Thank you for sharing your life...I'm so glad that I'm along for the "ride"!

I'd have to say one of my favorite bloggy moments was my very first post. I had been wanting to blog, but hate jumping into things and then not keeping up with them. But the moment I hit that "publish post" button for that very first time, I knew I was hooked! And, here I am...sharing my life a world of people I've never met!

SO, congrats again, friend!!

Stessed Momma Kim said...

Hi Tara! Glad to have been an inspiration! That's always nice to hear! Congrats on your 200th! I actually have no idea how many I've had. I'll have to check.

I like to write, I always have. But I wouldn't consider myself a writer. That's hubby's job, ;) But I like having the outlet. I like when I write something, and then I read it the next day and I feel good about what I wrote because, to me, it seems entertaining. And what is life without entertainment? Sometimes I feel a little dull, and sometimes I probably vent a little too much. I tell dh all the time that since I don't work, I don't get emails saying "Job well done" like he does, or a pat on the back when I've done something well. Life just keeps going without realizing I did it. So when I write something that makes me smile when I read it again, or something that draws a comment, I know it was a job well done.

Mari said...

Congrats on 200 posts! My favorite bloggy moment happened courtesy of you! I was looking at you blog when you did the getting to know me post. You had gotten it from Shortstop, so I checked out her post. She had gotten it from Gingeer. I was so surprised when I went to Ginger's blog and found that I knew her. We graduated together and she still lives near me. I now check her blog daily and feel I have found an old friend! So - thanks!

BethAnne said...

Wow 200 posts! I hope you have 2,000 more! I love reading your blog!

Colleen & Bill said...

Congrats on 200 posts Tara!
I enjoy reading your blog very much! I just wanted to come out from behind the curtain to say 'hello' and keep blogging (I check in with you daily!)


Anonymous said...

Wow---200 posts!! That's SUPER!! I am very new to Blogging and I hope that I am still around to write 200, or that people are still around to read what I write.
I have enjoyed getting to know you and our developing friendship. That's the beauty of Blogging, and I have been thoroughly blessed.
My favorite "Blog Moment" happened very recently. I wrote about the 7th anniversary of our son's death on Sept. 15th, and the tradition of releasing balloons in his memory. Little did I know, one of my "Blog friends" lost their son 6 years ago on Sept. 15th and honor his life with the releasing of balloons too. It touched my heart and showed me how much our God is a God of details and that even the friendships I make through the Blog world are a gift from Him.
Thank you for sharing your world and your life with me. :)
Keep Blogging!
**BTW, is there a Blog counter to keep track of posts written?**

Alana said...

Congrats on 200!

I feel the same way about blogging. I am struggling to find the time to do it now that fall is in full swing, though. It really has been a blessing to me!

What a great idea to do a giveaway. I might do the same thing when I reach 200.

I have so many favorite bloggy moments, but my favorite was probably early on when I wrote a post about Big Mama and she responded. I was Blog Star struck!

Also, loved my 100th post. Very fun to write!

Emily said...

200 posts wow! I would love to read through some really old ones long before we knew each other :) What an amazing thing to see how your journey with the Lord had grown and changed and how He's blessed you the past 200 posts :) Keep blogging girl, it could never be too much! :)

Denise said...

wow 200! yeehaw!
my favorite "blog moment" would be with jennifer p as well. it was overwhelming to see her blog on Sept. 15th, and to see her family releasing their balloons, just as our family had done(in memory of our sons). wondering if our boys gathered them up together and played with them on Heavens streets. amazed at God's bigness then (in 2000) and now.
how i wish i could hop on a plane to southern california to spend a day with sarah from "the best days of my life."
to georgia to see jennifer "gathering grace," and to have her pour some on me.
to japan to hug jennifer p.
and to colorado to visit with a handful of you gals.

JP's MOM said...

Congrats on 200th post!

Blogging makes those crazy moments in life easier to laugh at later!

Tricia said...
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Tricia said...

I think for me, the most "fun" thing was on the day Zachary was born. DH was posting periodic updates on my blog via his cell phone. It was fun to be informing people of exactly what was going on. We had several people glued to the blog that day! (3-20-06)

My overall thing, though, is just being able to get to know people on a much deeper level that otherwise you might not know at all. In our situation, it has been a tremendous blessing to see the outpouring of support coming from people that we really don't know! It is very touching!

Sarah Markley said...

Okay...fave bloggy moment...probably when I "met" you and renee and Earen...someday, I'll have to make it to Colorado. =). Ah...the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

I'm Tara. said...

Thanks so much, everyone!! I'd blog anyway, even if no one ever read it -- hey, I did that for quite a while, actually. But having you all with me makes it so fun!

...and COLLEEN!!! Oh my word!!! I about spit out my water when I saw you there, you sneaky woman!! I miss you!!!