Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Best Reason EVER!!!

Okay, so it's Monday. You don't want to cook. Your husband (and maybe even you) wants to watch Monday Night Football with some wings and a burger.

Tonight's the night, baby!!

On Monday, the 24th, go eat at Chili's!! 100% of your bill will be donated to St. Jude's Hospital. (That is one of my very favorite charities, so I'm doing my part to get the word out!)

Here's the whole story if you want to read more, but truly -- you eat, they get the money -- is that like the ultimate way to donate or what?! You can even call your order in and pick it up to go. They have special parking spots and your own little door and everything! (Not that I know this from experience or anything.)

Of course, I'll be having a salad with some grilled chicken. Being good.


BethAnne said...

Is this at any Chili's or just in your area? I am willing to do my part (living in TN - St. Judes has helped many children we know). I could eat chips and salsa at Chili's until it comes out my ears!

Alana said...

Sounds like a great idea after soccer practice tonight!

Rebekah said...

I love Chilis

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but you were heavy on my heart earlier this evening (morning for you Mon.). I just wanted to say that I prayed for you. I want you to know that I prayed specifically for your weight loss journey. I pray that the Lord will give you the encouragement that you need to persevere through this. If you need me to pray specifically or for anything else--email me, okay? Grace to you and just wanted you to know I was thinking and praying for you tonight.

Short Stop said...

Ummm...yeah, we'll be doing this. Can you tell that wasn't a hard sell at all! LOL! :):)

Thanks for reminding me! I had seen the signs there last week...ahem. Southwestern I come!

I'm Tara. said...

I think it was everywhere, BethAnne! I had the Buffalo Chicken Salad with grilled chicken. mmmmmmm!!!

Jennifer - you are the SWEETEST. Just absolutely the sweetest!!

Thanks for joining in...I know, twist your arms, huh? :)