Monday, September 24, 2007

Mini-Me Monday - Check In #2

Seriously? It's Monday again? How did that happen?

Oooookay then. Time for a check in on the ol' extra baggage -- and by that I mean both the physical and accompanying mental/emotional types.

I had my very first First Place meeting on Thursday. It was good -- I am the only one who is doing this for the first time, as the rest of the women are returning members. We watched a video on the whole food journaling/exchange counting thing and set our goals.

Yikes. A goal. An actual, measurable goal. I'm all about those, but it's sort of scary because that makes it all the more official. Why does that intimidate me, I wonder?

Anyway -- I decided to shoot for 20 lbs in 13 weeks. We'll see what happens, but I feel like it's somewhat attainable if I can kick it into gear and keep it there. If I *don't* make it, I'll be disappointed, but if I do make it -- wow! I will be so proud!

So, we'll see what happens. I didn't get to exercise as much this weekend, as I was at the Women of Faith conference. (That is just way too much to get into right now, but it was a truly amazing and wonderful experience for me and the friends/family I attended with.) I did quite a bit of walking, but that was about it.

Not the best first week on record, I'm sure -- but that's the way it went!


Anonymous said...

Just remember it's a marathon and not a sprint!! You can do it.
BTW, that was such a cool "God thing" with the prayer.

Rebekah said...

I had a goal to lose 10 by this weekend. I lost 4. I am happy with that. I do great at journaling up until lunch... then I forget.
Journal, journal, journal. You can make it!

Short Stop said...

I know you can do it! Goals always help me to have focus and to know what I really need to do! I'm here cheering you on! :)

Renee said...

'You can do it!' (Whenever I say that, I think of the guy in the stands in the 'Waterboy' movies.)

My first First Place meeting is tonight. I'm looking forward to comparing notes with you, and sharing this struggle.

So proud of you. You're keeping on..that's what counts. Like I tell myself...the weight didn't just hop onto my body in a's not going to come off that way, either.

Can't wait to hear about the WOF conference! I was missing you terribly this weekend, and wondering how it was going. Love you!

BethAnne said...

I think 20 pounds in 13 weeks is very do-able! Just remember if you mess up, dont quit or give up, get right back on track. You can so do this!

Sarah Markley said...

I agree - 20 in 13 is so can do it! I know you can! Keep it up!

Earen said... can do this! I'm proud of you for going to your meeting & taking that step in the right direction. I'm praying for you & supporting you all the way.