Sunday, September 16, 2007

*scratching my head*

So, somehow in the past week, Georgia has learned some Bushman language. We're not sure how this happened or exactly why, but now when she wants something to eat, she no longer says "I wanna sack," which loosely translated, means "I want a snack."

She now says "I wanna *click*click*."

We don't even OWN "The Gods Must Be Crazy."


Renee said...

Ha!! I laughed out loud when I read this...I can just picture her!! I can also picture the laughter this causes around your house!

Yesterday Andy was excited because Michigan State was playing. (His alma mater). I asked Becca to go up to him and say "Go Spartans!" So...she goes up to him and says "Go Fartans!" We were crying.

Sarah Markley said...

OH, YOU SO MADE ME LAUGH! I am staying home with Naomi this morning from church (she has a runny nose) and I am so laughing! That is so great and I remember that Mine and Hope' favorite car ride game lately has been Lets see what we can get the baby to far this week's best has been, "Yoda", and "R2D2". Funny!

I'm Tara. said...

Is that not the craziest thing? I laughed so hard the first time she did it and thought maybe it was just a one-day thing. Uhhh, no. All the time now. What a nut! I'm going to try and get it on video -- it is so dang funny!

Renee - I will *try* not to tell Chris that one or Andy may always be a Fartan in our house!

Sarah - aren't they so funny at this age? Georgia's been trying to sing lately and it's so funny. She knows the abc song but the only letters that come out are "g", "p" and "p" for "z". The rest of the time she just bobs her head up and down like she's at a Metallica concert.

Short Stop said...

LOL!! YES, if you get this on video, you must post it!! :) Hilarious!!!

Emily said...

I can so picture her doing this!!! Thanks for the giggle, she is too darn cute :)