Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Playing Along Today...

Okay, so I decided that since there are some things I am very loyal to and love to pieces, I would take part in the "Works For Me Wednesday" with Rocks In My Dryer. I love finding out about new stuff to make life easier, clean cleaner and tastes good. Play along if you want!

1. Easy Off Bam Power Stain & Drain Cleaner - I have actually been meaning to talk about how much I love this stuff. It's by far the best toilet bowl cleaner I've ever tried. It also took some sort of mystery smell out of my sink. Give it a whirl -- it's my find of the summer!

2. Shout - This is nothing new to those of you that have talked laundry with me. Nothing does the job like my beloved Shout for stain removal. It really does kick some serious laundry bootie.

3. Soft & Dri, Dri Gel (Cool & Clean scent) - I haven't used anything else for about 10 years. It's definitely something that you either love or hate...I've had people borrow my deodorant and be grossed out by the gel part of it, but it dries clear and really does a good job.

4. Garden Botanika's Heart Perfume - I'm such a whacko, I even put it on after my shower if I'm just going to sleep. I love, love, LOVE this's so clean and fresh. Occasionally, I have people ask me what kind of shampoo I use and it always ends up being my perfume that they smell. I don't know what I'll do if they ever stop making it.

5. Bath & Body Works Handsoap - Our favorites are "Warm Vanilla Sugar", "Key Lime Verbena", and "Mandarin Orange". Yum! I love it when it goes on sale 5 for $15.

6. Ken's Steakhouse Salad Dressings - If you haven't tried these yet, you are missing out! The Blue Cheese is our favorite. Sooooo yummy!!

7. Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea - I love the Cranberry Zinger. Mmmmm!

8. Starbucks Coffee - Did you really think I wouldn't put it on here? Seriously.


Stessed Momma Kim said...

I've tried and loved everything except the Bam and the perfume! I missed the 5 for $15 sale last month, just never got around to going to the mall. I'm so bummed, but I bought SO much back in the spring that I still have a ton.

Short Stop said...

Hi, Tara!

Found you through another blog...can't remember which one now! :) I had to tell you that I did my whole Works For Me Wednesday on Starbucks!! :):)

I've had fun browsing through your blog! I'll definitely be back! :)

Anonymous said...

Gotta try the Heart perfume and the stain and drain cleaner... we have a "mystery smell" in our house, too...
And my favorite perfumes are "clean" scents. Very hard to find.
Thanks for the tips! Enjoyed reading. And thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I saw your comment on McDonald French Fries over at Gathering Grace. Wait until you eat French Fries from McDonald's in Japan!! I guarantee you will convert. They are so YUMMY over here. They cook them fresh and always with fresh grease.
Jennifer Partin
Where the Heart is.....

I'm Tara. said...

Hi, Sarah. I just left you the most long-winded, I love Starbucks comment on your blog! You were just asking for trouble telling me that your whole post was about Starbucks!! Thanks for stopping by!

Jennifer Partin - I dunno. If I'm ever in Japan, I'll take you up on it! :)

Kim and Jennifer -- you have to try the perfume!! It's the best! Oh, and the will love it!

Sarah Markley said...

Gotta give you props for the Starbucks for sure. Now that there is one pretty much everywhere in the world, its so easy to get what you want any time anywhere! Love it!

Anonymous said...

I guess you'll just have to start saving up some money for a trip to Japan to try some McDonald's fries!! You'll have a free place to stay. :)

Kerri said...

I have never heard of that perfume. I am going to have to look for it!

Earen said...

I LOVE Starbucks...the drive thru starbucks has become a god-send...or should I say, "serious trouble!" HA! I'm going to have to participate in this Wed. thing too!