Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Ick for Mitchell. Ick for me.

He threw up 2 nights ago in his sleep. The scary part is he didn't wake up. That really freaks me out because I know that is a VERY dangerous thing to do. I remember a story about the same thing happening to me when I was little.

He came downstairs to say hi to me in the morning and I noticed he smelled pretty funky so I said "Did you poop?" He said "No." Then I saw his sleeve and it had puke on it. Uh-oh. I said "Honey, did you throw up last night?" He said "Ummmm...yeah. It's in my bed. I'm sorry, Mommy! I didn't mean to." :( Poor guy -- he thought he'd be in trouble. I can just picture him waking up and looking around going "Uhhhhooohhhh." I made sure he knew I wasn't mad, he wasn't in trouble, nothing at ALL in that direction but that I needed to get those sheets washed up and clean his room real good to get rid of the germs.

I go upstairs and OH MY WORD. It was EVERYWHERE!!! He has a twin bed with a sheet and a blanket, plus bed rails, about 8 stuffed animals, 3 pillows and a folded blanket at the foot of his bed. It was over ALL of it. I think that he mainly did two little piles and then basically rolled around in it all night. Yucko. The first thing I did was put him right in the tub - - I discovered that it was in his hair once I knew what was up. The funny thing is that it's caked in his hair but he was really worried about this one spot about the size of a thumbtack on his big toe and wanted to make sure I got that off first. LOL.

It took me 4 loads to get it all done -- plus about half an hour in the bathtub rinsing it all down the drain first. I kept having to take breathers to come out for some clean air. Not good. I made sure that I opened all of the windows, turned on the fan and Lysoled every square INCH of that room. Then I did the same thing to the bathtub and bathroom. Then I ran around the entire house and Lysoled the whole place.

The bad part was that Chris was golfing. The good thing was that Georgia had JUST fallen asleep so I didn't have to try and entertain her while I was doing everything and by the time I needed to switch out laundry and stuff, Chris was home. He also was able to stop at the store to get some pedialyte freezer pops -- the only thing Mitchell will ingest when he's like this.

Anyway -- he was acting completely normal, didn't feel warm, etc. I was letting him play his Arthur game on the computer and I was talking to my mom on the phone about my grandmother, who was in the hospital and not doing well. He came over and said "Mommy, I want to have you. I need you." (This is Mitchell code for something's up and I need a hug.) He had a very weird look on his face so I said to my mom that I needed to go right then and hung up. I said "Do you need to throw up again?" He said "No" and just hugged me. About 2 seconds (literally) later he coughs and I thought, Oh crap. So I put my hand over his mouth and sure enough he starts to vomit. I ran like the wind as much as someone with a bad knee carrying a 35 pound three year old with one hand can and made it to the bathroom before it started to come out of my hand. We got 95 percent of it in the toilet, thank goodness. He was freaked out, poor guy. Throwing up is SOOO awful. What a horrible feeling it is!!!

SO -- I got him cleaned up and changed again, and parked his bootie on the couch for the rest of the day. He got to watch more tv yesterday than he usually does all week. He ate that up, too!! He put himself down for a nap in the afternoon and when he woke up -- he was burning up. That next 1 1/2 hours was not fun -- he was a bear, wouldn't drink ANYTHING and fought me really hard on taking his motrin. About half an hour after we got it down him, things started to get better.

Of course, this is the 4th of July -- Chris' favorite holiday and we were really looking forward to a fun family day. Bummer. We WERE gonna go to the park, eat lunch at Chili's, watch the Space Shuttle take off, watch the World Cup game, bbq and go to the ampitheater in our neighborhood for a picnic and fireworks over the lake. We managed to do the Space Shuttle, soccer game and bbq. We discovered that we had a clear, unobstructed view of the fireworks show from our bedroom so we watched them all together on our bed. Well, everyone but Georgia who was sound asleep in her crib.

It worked out okay -- wicked storms that I know I wouldn't have sat in for 2 hours and we watched the different fireworks shows on TV. Mitchell was psyched because Elmo was on the PBS show, so it worked out okay.

Now we just hope that it was a short lived deal just for him. I think G was a touch warm and she's pooped more today than normal, but overall she seems fine. *knock on wood*

I just hate the sickies.

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