Sunday, July 30, 2006

Never thought of it that way...

My husband handed me an article -- I believe it was actually an essay -- yesterday.

Here's the article.

Excuse me? My kids don't make me happy?

Okay - you're right. Not ALL of the time. I mean, they DO. But not all of the time.

Why is that so hard to admit? I think it's because we're SUPPOSED to be happy with them all of the time in order to feel like a good parent. Is that what it is? Not sure.

Anyway -- I had just never thought of things like that before. Makes perfect sense though and I thought it was a great way to think about it. I mean, what person could you spend 24/7 with for weeks and months on end and NOT get driven a little crazy by? Anyone? I drive myself crazy sometimes -- it's only natural that my kids do at times.

Did I mention how much I love and adore them? :)

Last night at dinner we were talking about Mitchell's extreme meltdown at the Children's Museum yesterday. (Long story in itself -- not pretty -- worst behavior in about a year.) My hubby said "He's a good kid, he just has moments. We all do."

DING!! (That would be light bulb above my head going off.)

I said "Maybe that would help me to think of myself in the same light. I'm a good mom, I just have my moments -- we all do." I tend to be really hard on myself about things and this might be a good way to cut myself some slack.

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