Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jibber jabber...

In other words -- little, piddly things. That's my topic.

By the way -- did anyone else see that "Boston Legal"? (The Jibber Jabber one -- there was this old judge who said it really funny, and oh...nevermind. If you didn't see it, trying to describe it here is a lost cause. Just know that Chris and I give each other the "jibber jabber" business quite a bit.)

So -- my ketchup bottle was almost empty in the door of my fridge and now there's ketchup schmutz (a word borrowed from my friend, Debbie) that's all sticky on the bottom of lots of bottles. Soaking them to get it off -- not high on my priority list until I go to use one and then I think again that I should get on that. I think I will this afternoon.

Tom & Jerry -- Mitchell's new fave for morning tv time. It really is quite funny, but there is a lot of swatting, hitting, bonking, chasing, etc. So far he hasn't attempted to conk anyone over the top of the head with a cast iron skillet (ala "The Jerry") so I think we're okay. :) He just giggles and giggles and LOVES when Tom growls at the beginning instead of the MGM lion.

(See -- this really IS jibber jabber.)

How in the world does a pimple turn into a sun blister?? Someone tell me. I had a pimple like right below my lip -- well, on my 3 mile walks (pat, pat, pat -- me patting myself on the back) this week -- I believe it got sunburned and now it's a big, very UGLY scab. What the heck??!!

There's a bottle of chocolate milk in the fridge and I'd like to drink the whole thing but I'm not gonna. (I did taste it though -- SOOOOOO good.)

I took my toenail polish off 3 days ago and keep forgetting to paint them again. They do not look very attractive at the moment.

I have to go now. :)

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