Monday, July 31, 2006

Thoughts for the week...

*Husband + Gasoline + stroller = One very upset woman

*I would be okay with never doing another load of laundry again.

*Random strangers touching my baby's hands by reaching OVER the back of an adjoining booth is definitely not okay with me.

*Mitchell could live on macaroni and cheese, corndogs, fruit snacks and chocolate milk.

*I love cheesecake.

*Sad but true, I can get drunk off of one margarita these days.

*Teething sucks the big toe of life.

*Mosquitos love me.

*Even three year olds have guilt.

*My husband looks VERY cute with a clean shaven face and a fresh, shorter haircut. Le-rar-rar.

*My husband can't believe I don't nap during the week. Le-ha-ha!

*I love blackberries.

*It's freakin' hot outside.

*I'm not a fan of spiders.

*I'm capable of using swear words to tell my husband to stop teasing me DURING a Christian rock song that I love. Nice. Oh - and we skipped church. Way to go, me.

*You can FEEL as young as you want, but your body keeps on aging.

*I like my hair shorter.

*No matter how overweight I am, I will still love and crave ice cream until the day I die. I will also never fully enjoy working out.

*Fewer things in life are as cute as watching a 3 year old boy help his Daddy wash the car and mow the lawn. It's so obvious he wants to actually *be* his dad.

*My husband enjoys watching a seriously STUPID tv show. (No offense to anyone else who loves "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".)

*Georgia is going to be quite the pistol. And she's almost crawling. Oh crap.

*I love washing underwear for Mitchell as opposed to buying and disposing of pullups. Way to go, big guy!!

*The minivan is not ugly when washed.

*The boneless buffalo chicken salad is much better at Bennigan's than at Chili's, just FYI.

*I am already in the midst of planning Mitchell's birthday party, thinking of Christmas gifts, and planning our anniversary trip in Feb.

*No one has yet stopped by to offer to clean my house for free.

*I love coffee. And coffee ice cream. (See? There's that ice cream thing again. It's an addiction, I'm afraid.)

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Jamie said...

I can get tipsy off of one beer. I feel your pain!