Monday, July 24, 2006

Never about what you think it is...

It happens a lot. You get into a discussion with someone, or a fight, or make an observation. Any of those -- and a lot of the time, the reasons behind them are not what you think.

Pretty much don't want to dive into detail here, but a couple of things happened on my weekend away with the family that demonstrated that exact point to me.

Speaking of our weekend away, it was wonderful. Chris, Mitchell, Georgia and I were like glue for three ENTIRE days. All day. All night. Every day was like that. I LOVED IT!!!

My mom felt very loved and appreciated, which was the whole point, so that was great. The boys all did fantastic and Georgia was a baby trooper as well. We asked an awful lot out of those little people -- flexibility mostly, and they all did great. There were some meltdowns, but they were few and far between and generally pretty mild. It was really nice to look back on the weekend and realize just what great kids we have.

Okay -- I'm tired and need to catch up on laundry and cleaning. I took most of the day today to finish up the book I was reading. Chris gave me the green light to have a lazy day and not feel guilty, but I do. I'll see if I can get a bathroom and the kitchen cleaned and the carpet vacuumed before he gets home. That would be nice -- I got a day to recover, he didn't. At all. But that's another story for another day.

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