Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Figured it out...

So, I decided that the answer to why I felt the way I did about all of that (see the big minivan post below) has always been right in front of my face.

The reason I've never felt like "just a housewife" or "just a 33 year old minivan driving mom of two" is because my husband has NEVER, EVER treated me that way. When I was working full time, all he did was encourage and praise me for working so hard. When I told him my heart was broken and I was exhausted at the end of that year and that I wanted to be home again, all he did was love and support me and say that he'd do his best to make sure that's what happened since my place was clearly at home. When I had Georgia and Mitchell, he told me over and over again how proud he was of me and what an awesome job I did.

He tells me lovey, dovey, complimentary stuff all the time -- and I think he means it. :)

What I mean is -- that was really the first time I'd ever been made to feel that way. At home, I am MUCH more than just a housewife and I never have to worry about being made to feel that way here.

Why didn't I realize that sooner? Thanks, honey -- I love you.

**sorry for the BLATANT syrupy sweet, sickening level of mushy gushy love in this blog**

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Jamie said...

I love the syrupy stuff. It beats the hell out of an "I hate my husband" rant.

I'm glad that you are so happy and that he is so good to you. You deserve nothing less.