Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I love my alert!!

I know I've been writing a lot about that lately, but I really do. I know that everyone goes through ups and downs in every relationship, but I've been so happy with the way that we've both worked so hard to stick together lately. He's been crazed (and I mean CRAZED) at work, I've been crazed at home, lots of holiday/family events, and of course trying to prepare Mitchell, ourselves and our home for a new baby. I think that there are times where it would be really easy to draw into ourselves and not work together...just kind of the "you do this, I'll do that" type of thing, but we really have worked as a team and rely on each other all of the time. I love it. Last night we laid on the bed and just talked for about 45 minutes after we put Mitchell down. It was so great...just talking about all sorts of things, holding was just so comforting. I have heard so many stories lately about people who have such difficult and awful relationships, so I feel extra lucky to be supported so completely.

I just love my husband and hope he knows how much. It means the world to me to be married to my best friend.

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