Sunday, February 19, 2006


It's FREEZING here. Yesterday the high was in the teens and the windchill at night is WELL below zero. So what did Chris and I decide would be a great thing to do yesterday? Yes, that's right...we put carseats in the car. In the freezing car. Inside of the freezing garage. For like an hour and a half. As you can imagine, by the end of that time, there was a mix of laughter and snippiness with each other. I have no idea why putting that infant base in was such an ordeal, but for whatever reason, it was. By the time I got inside, my butt cheeks were LITERALLY frozen. Just so cold. So I sat on them...warmed them up nicely that way!! :)

I can't imagine not having somewhere to live right now and trying to deal with that cold. Just even walking out to get the paper puts a chill in your bones for at least a few minutes. I know there are shelters and places like that, but you know not everyone is able to get to one for whatever reason.

On that same topic, we were watching the Olympics yesterday and the announcers happened to mention that the bobsled hill cost $93 million dollars to construct. How in the world can Italy find that kind of extra money? Or Greece for the previous summer ones to build a big stadium? Or Salt Lake City? And then what happens to those places? Do they get torn down? Do they just sit? I guess I don't get it -- doesn't seem like the best idea to just keep building these random things in random places to get used for 2 weeks when there are so many better ways to use the money. I mean -- if you really stop to think about the Olympics and how much money it takes to put them on -- it's astounding.

Anyway...not sure why I was thinking about that, I just was.

I got all of the cleaning done, which makes me feel great. I was watching the video from when we brought Mitchell home the other day and GOOD LORD our house was nasty. There was stuff EVERYWHERE!! Now, true, it was the beginning of the Christmas season, so I still had some decorating boxes out and stuff, but it was clutter city!! Those were the days when we still had a coffee table (which is LONG gone now) and you couldn't even SEE it, there was so much stuff on it. I refused to have that happen again, so we're looking good now. Even all of our laundry (except for yesterday's stuff) is clean. Chris' dress shirts -- everything! Feels good. I think today I'll run the vaccuum again and clean the kitchen from top to bottom. I also need to sterilize my breast pump parts and the bottles and nipples so those are all good to go. I think I'll also get Chris to pull out the fridge and oven for me so I can clean behind there. Been bugging me for some reason. Other than that, we're good and she can come anytime now!! If not, we have a dr. appt on Monday morning.

In other words, don't look for a new post until after my appointment tomorrow. Sigh.

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