Thursday, February 09, 2006

Just another Thursday...

Well, technically it's our anniversary, but in reality it's just another Thursday. Mitchell has school, I have a doctor appointment, Chris has to work, I have swim class tonight. Yep, just the regular Thursday routine. His parents are going to keep Mitchell for us tomorrow night while we go to dinner, but nothing major and very close to home. I swear, with all that has gone on, it feels like we've been married for 14 years, not 4.

I think there's a plus side and a down side to not having anything on the calendar these next couple of weeks. I think I thought I was doing myself and Mitchell a favor by staying here, resting, not planning anything so close to my due date, but now I think we might get bored. I think we'll still make daily trips somewhere...Walmart for a 99 cent treat, the library, etc. Sitting around and waiting...not sure I can do that for 2 more weeks. My dad offered to come out here 2 days next week to help me "chase Mitchell". I gladly accepted since getting on the floor and playing is not exactly a good time for me anymore. Mitchell has been pretty patient for the most part and a very good boy, but bath time sucks and so does picking up toys at night. (I used to do it before nap time too, but now we just do it at night because it's a big ol' chore for me and this belly.) Yesterday we went to pick up my thyroid meds at the pharmacy and I told him if he was really good, I'd let him pick out a treat before we left. He was good...for the first 13 minutes of our 15 minute visit to the store. Then he started jogging in front of me (I had to get some bagels/cream cheese for MOPS tomorrow and some sprinkles for his Valentine's party at school on Tuesday) while I was shopping and wouldn't stop. I just get REALLY paranoid about someone grabbing him because I know that stores are prime places for that type of thing and I'm not exactly agile.

Soooo...I had to grab him by the shoulder of his coat when I got close enough and pull him to the front of the store, plop the stuff I was carrying around in a basket by the door and wrestle him (screaming) into a cart. Picked up my stuff out of the basket, threw it into the cart and tried to make the quickest exit possible. Of course he was in full on tantrum mode at that point, but *patting myself on the back*, I kept my cool. I was PISSED but just calmly told him how his behavior was unacceptable, I was very sad he was acting that way, and no treat for him. He was of course crying and screaming...thought about biting me and got a look at my face and thought twice (smart move)...but calmed down about 2 minutes into it when he figured out he wasn't going to get out or get a reaction out of me.

Nice, huh? Of course, by the time we get to the checkout lane he's quiet, wiping his eyes, and trying to apologize. I thanked him for his apology and let him know that he did indeed blow it with regard to his treat. I knew the next battle would be for control of the music in the car, so I politely informed him that we'd be listening to mommy's music in the car because he made such bad choices in the store. That started a mini-wave of tears, but he recovered pretty quickly and apologized again (without solicitation from me, I might add). 3 years old is proving to be an interesting phase...more of a sense of entitlement on his part that I think, is driven by independence. That seems to lead to pretty intense, though much shorter tantrums, followed by remorse and apologies that I usually don't even have to coach him through. He's turning into a little man, I tell ya!!

The cycle is a bit exhausting for me at this point, but then again, so is putting on my socks.

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