Monday, February 20, 2006

Trying to enjoy it...

After we put Mitchell to bed last night, Chris and I were laying in bed watching tv and talking. I think he's probably so sick of hearing "Are you excited?" "Are you nervous?", etc. Seems like I'm always trying to see if his current emotional state matches mine. He's such a sweet guy though, never sighs or rolls his eyes like "Dang, woman -- leave me alone," which is what I'm sure he'd love to do. He indulges me and takes part in my little conversations.

We were talking last night about how rare a moment we might be enjoying. Laying in our bed before 10pm with no noise in the house, having a quiet conversation. I know that I've been so antsy for her to arrive, but I know once Georgia's here, it's gonna be all chaos and even when we *can* be in bed together at night, we'll both just fall in exhausted and sleep like logs. There will be middle of the night feedings, pumpings, diaper changes, blowouts/clothes changings, etc. Not to mention, I have NO idea if all that commotion will impact Mitchell since the changing table is on the same wall as his bed. You know what -- that thought never even ENTERED my mind until now-- I hope it's not a big problem. Good thing he's a sound sleeper -- guess we'll find out just how sound though. Might have to get another plan in place for middle of the night changes if she's a big crier.

Anyway -- I think instead of obsessing over how much longer until we get to meet her, I need to start appreciating what we already have. Not to say I'm not still excited to hold her and get her out here as part of our family, but there are still *some* advantages to having her in my tummy. Sleep and rest and quiet being three off the top of my head. :)

Today's my due date, by the way. Off to the doctor at 10:15, and hopefully we'll come home with a planned birthday for her, in case she doesn't choose her own before then.

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