Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"Are you getting excited?" and other stupid questions...

Okay, maybe stupid is the wrong word, but come on people!! How many women do you know that wouldn't be excited (for a variety of reasons, I'll add) to have their child when they are 37 weeks pregnant??? I can't think of any. I mean, seriously. I'm the size of a small barge, can't tie my shoes let alone hoist my 3 year old into his carseat without some major groaning, and I've got aches and pains pretty much everywhere all of the time...yes, those are motivating factors for "getting excited" about this ending.

I'll tell ya what though, none of those even touches the fact that I just can't wait to meet this little PERSON inside of me. She is in there growing and moving and pretty soon she'll be out here in this crazy world with us, and I can't wait to hold her and snuggle her and just know that she's ours. It's funny because we struggled SO MUCH with our decision over when to try for #2, if we even should try for #2, etc. Now that we're at the point we're at, all I can feel is this little "ache" for the person I know is almosot here. It's like I know our family won't be complete until she joins us and I can't wait to see who she is. Who she looks like. What kind of temperment she has. If she has the CUTEST little bubble-butt-two-dinner-roll bootie like her brother has. If she has hair. All of that stuff. I just can't wait. Chris has always teased me because I did the same thing with Mitchell...he says all he remembers hearing for the last few weeks was "I just want to meet this baby." I always joke that I'd love to just unzip myself, take her out, give her a little squeeze and zip her back in until it's her time.

My old roommate came over for dinner last night (she's single, never married, no kids) and she was just in complete AMAZEMENT at Georgia's movements. (At this point in the game, my entire belly literally jumps and rolls...looks like I might be having a little octopus.) We were talking about where things might be (as in knees, feet, etc.) so I got out my Prepared Childbirth workbook I was looking at the other day and we were checking out the pictures. It really is pretty crazy...I mean your bladder is squished under EVERYTHING, your stomach is like in your armpit, God only knows where everything goes. The times I sit down to think about what a miracle it really is, the more in awe I am of the whole process, particularly how very, very lucky we are.

Anyway...I've moved from being depressed to being amazed. A good move, I'd say. As for everyone else, I've already started getting the "When are you due again?" and "No baby yet?" phone calls. Sigh. Oh well...they're all well intentioned, right? And I'm not overdue yet so none of them has gotten me irritated, but I think I might not answer the phone after my due date. I wonder which day she'll choose for her birthday. :)

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