Thursday, February 02, 2006


I'm just really tired. REALLY tired. I can't figure out what Mitchell's deal is with napping either. I took him to the ped today for his cold stuff and he said that he very well could be giving up his nap. :-( Not sure I know how to put into words my level of disappointment about that timing. I really, REALLY looked forward to the two hours of quiet time alone every day and was very much looking forward to having those with the baby or still to myself if God would allow them to actually sleep at the same time. Now I'm left with "quiet time" in his room, but he is a very busy boy and "quiet time" is a relative term here. Ugh. Anyway...not so thrilled about that development. The thing that's frustrating is that he'll TOTALLY fall asleep in the car, but not when we get home. I worked my BOOTIE off keeping him awake today on our way home from dr. appointments, but do you think he'd sleep in his bed? Nope. At least he played upstairs for awhile.

Guess I forgot to tell the Big Guy Upstairs about my master plan, huh?

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