Monday, October 22, 2007

Mini-Me Monday - Check In #6

Okay - so not so great of a week. Both kids were sick, I fought off a cold myself, and well - without spelling it out - let's just say I had a very good reason for gaining some weight that day. I didn't work out as often as I would have liked to, and I completely (and I mean COMPLETELY) blew it this weekend. The thing about this weekend is that I got a date day in with my husband -- and we needed that so much. We had a couple of weeks where we were snapping at each other about any and every little thing, and both generally were run down. To get away from town for a day, enjoy ourselves and just be together without anything pressing on us was exactly what we needed. We needed some rest and relaxation and we got both.

Okay, so back to the mini-me part of things. One of the comments on my CR (the thing I turn in at meetings that says what I ate, etc.) one of my leaders wrote to me was to try and not lose control on the weekends. Ummmm, yeah. Maybe next weekend I'll work on that one. Baby steps. I'm taking baby steps. It's still a problem.

Maybe that will be my goal - to keep this coming weekend under control. Okay - there ya go. I have a goal. Well, that - and to tip the scales in the right direction again.

On a good note - this past week I used my weights for the entire workout for my hardest dvd - AND I did each and every situp, and all of the pushups. To do ALL of that - was a good step. I'm getting in better shape, apparently. Hooray!

How's it going for you ladies, my other mini-me'ers?


Sittintall said...

Well, your going to have some of those weeks. The important part is that you get back to it, and don't hand in the towel and say forgot it (because that's what I did). You are still doing a great job at the exercise thing. And I'm sure the date night was very much needed (hope you had fun).

Mari said...

It's all those little steps that count. Just keep at it. I have to get back at it. I have been "backsliding"!

Renee said...

Baby steps are what it's all about, I think. Look at how well you're doing with your working out. And you're becoming more aware of what you're eating. I think that's a really good start.

Very proud of you. You definitely have a 'You can do it!' from me!!

Things here are more or less at a standstill. Still trying to watch what I eat, but haven't been doing very well with the working out. :P

BethAnne said...

Does it make you feel any better that I went to put my jeans (from last year) on this morning and it hurt. I mean it really hurt - I couldnt wear them because I had a huge roll around my middle and I decided that I have to lose at least 10 pounds in a couple of weeks before jean season really gets into full swing. Then this afternoon I ate 2 peices of pizza and I am on my way to a cooking school at church tonight.
Wasnt it Paul that said (my paraphrase) I do the things I dont want to do etc etc etc? Well, that is me - I want to lose weight but I cant shut my mouth long enough to do it. All I ask is that 10 lbs - Hope I can push away from the table long enough to do it or people are gonna be vomit when they see the nasty rolls on my front side!!!!

Sarah Markley said...

Weekends are so tough! Mondays are usually the easiest b/c I feel guilty about Sunday and Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Atleast you are keeping yourself accountable-----I was just telling Earen that I am glad you are sharing your journey with all of us. I hope we can be a source of encouragement to you through all this! Remember it's a marathon and not a sprint!
:) I am glad you and the children are feeling better.

Rebekah said...

Dates with husbands shouldnt count on the food scale.

Heather C said...

You'll just pick yourself up again and start fresh. It's ok. We all have those days. Besides... you are exercising!! That's HUGE! You said yourself you can see the improvements... stick with it, Tara... you're doing GREAT!

Janelle said...

I am glad that you and your husband had some quality time. It is a great thing to spend time relaxing as a couple again.

Sorry about your sick kiddos. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

I hate those kinds of weeks when you're just all out of whack. I'm having one this week, but no one is sick. I am just tired and my ear aches. If that is all it takes to get me out of whack, I fear for any days of darkness that may come for real!!!

Good for you to recognize what you needed, time with your husband. Sometimes when we're getting snappish, what I think I want is to be ALONE! When we really just need to reconnect. It doesn't take much to melt hearts, does it?

I hope the kids feel better soon. I hate it when they're sick - I can't imagine what it must be like to have your child be seriously ill. I worry enough as it is when they just have colds! They bring so much life that when they are down, it seems like the life is sucked out of the house. That's when you realize there is so much to be thankful for in a "normal" day!

You're doing fantastic with the mini-me plan... I admire your determination and self-control.

Short Stop said...

The weekends are SO hard. Brutal, really! Keep at're doing great!!