Sunday, October 07, 2007

Here Is What 19 Months Looks Like

Busy: "full of or characterized by activity"

Sweet, sweet Miss G. That straight-from-the-dictionary definition above confirms what I have always known to be true: you are the working definition of busy. You, my little Hurricane, are 19 months old and you are perpetually busy.

When you were a teeny, tiny baby, I always said you were just happy to be in the room. Once you started spending more of your time awake, as long as you were near the center of activity, you were content. The moment you were left alone or couldn't see what was going on, you would tell us about it. You just needed to be where the action was. Now you just need to be the action. You are constantly in motion, even when you are sleeping. I can always hear you in your crib, thumping around. You are full of life, and many days you're so full that you spill it over onto those around you.

I want to be more like you, my energetic girl.

One of the things that I love most about you right now is that often, your business is connected to me. You love to just be near me and to do what I do. So many times, you make me laugh, simply by going about your day. You have two favorite things to do with Mommy right now: unload the dishwasher and sort laundry. It just makes me smile to know that tasks I often dread are things that light you up. I ask you if you want to help me with the dishes or the laundry and each time you throw both arms into the air and joyfully exclaim "Yay!" You think that getting dressed and brushing your teeth are reasons to celebrate, and when it's time to put your shoes on...look out! That's your favorite part of almost every day! These tasks are not work for you; you approach them with happy excitement, and your cheerfulness is contagious.

I want to be more like you, my joyful girl.

You have always been our little Lovebug. Day 1, you were The Lovebug. It so fits you. You love like you live, with reckless abandon. You are so different from your brother, The Doodlebug. He very well could have been named The Cuddlebug, because snuggling is a full-time occupation for him, and it always has been. He will ask to cuddle and then linger for as long as we let him. Not you, my sweet girl. You are much too busy to just slow down and snuggle for long periods of time. No, you are all about the drive-by affection.

Miss G, the times where you stop what you're doing, just because, and run over to where I'm at to lay your head on my lap, hang on tight with those sticky little hands, and smile with your whole being -- ohhh, my precious baby girl -- I could live forever in those moments. You also give the funniest kisses...they aren't just tangible ways to know you love us, they're also very audible. You managed to figure out how to give literal lip-smacking kisses around your first birthday. There are also times when you kiss us that you keep your open, wet little lips on our cheeks, saying "Uhhhhhhh," then with much gusto, pull off, smacking your lips and saying "Aaaaaaah!!!!" It is the mini-sized version of the big "mmmmmwwwwahhhh" kiss. And it is so very you.

I want to be more like you, my sweet girl.

I can't believe it's already been 19 months that you've been with us. You are such a precious gift from the Lord; such a treasure. Our family wouldn't be our family without you. I love you so, so much -- it almost hurts a little bit. Thanks so very much for teaching me about what it means to really live, to really laugh, and to really love.


P.S. - You woke up just as I was finishing up this post. The first thing I did after I published this was walk into your room. There you were -- you were sitting up in your crib in just your diaper. You looked up at me with those big, bright, brown eyes and I could see that you were so proud of yourself. You handed me your jammies and said "Hep peez?" I just laughed. What a moment to undress yourself for the first time! I forgot that I wanted to add this video -- it's so completely you. You are "spelling" your name -- it's really just a series of about 10 G's and O's strung together with an "I" and an "A" at the end, but in typical Georgia fashion, you are convinced that it is THE way to do it. It makes me laugh just thinking about it.

Love, love and more love, little Lovebug. xoxo Mommy


Alana said...

Sweet post. LOVE the video.

Renee said...

The coolest thing about this post is that I know Georgia is so much like you. You tell me that you were a busy little girl as well. And I know that you love with reckless abandon. And sweet...well, one wouldn't have to read more than a few words of this post to know that you are incredibly sweet.

This was beautifully written. And a priceless gift for Miss G, when she's older. How blessed she is!

Love you!

Sarah Markley said...

So beautiful. So perfect. Georgia is way ahead of Naomi with her spelling, etc. =)

Heather C said...

"You love like you live, with reckless abandon." This is my favorite line. I want to be like Georgia!

She's precious!

Terri said...

She's sooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pictures!! That top picture of her was too cute. She has your smile, doesn't she?

Anonymous said...

You are entering my very favorite time of childhood with your Miss G. I have enjoyed all the stages, but from 18 mo. to age 3 is probably my very favorite. They are so incredibly cute, they talk so sweetly, they are still chubby, and you wish you could bottle every word and look and funny thing they do. I wish home videos were 4-D and I could go back and kiss that skin and hug that little naked body! My "baby" is now 5, and it's so very strange to not have a baby or toddler anymore...

Rebekah said...

She is so sweet. Suzie says "Hep", I love when they start talking.
Miss G's eyes in the first picture look so mischevious.