Monday, October 08, 2007

Mini-Me Monday - Check In #4

Okay - so here we are, a month later. At my weigh-in at my 1st Place group on Thursday, it showed that I had lost 6 lbs. Yay! (Except that I think I started 2 lbs down from that so it's only 4 lbs.) Either way - at least I'm on the move in the right direction.

...or am I?

I think I might have slid the opposite way this weekend. See, my hubby -- my wonderful hubby -- has this habit of using food to show his love and cheer me up. He also loves his junk food and loves to splurge. (We laughed about it this weekend, so it's all good that I'm saying it here, he probably expects this.)

So, here I am, trying SO hard to eat well, exercise, drink lots of water, etc. and then my well-intentioned hubby loves me with food. (And I don't mean apples and broccoli, people.) I started feeling kind of icky Friday afternoon and by Friday night I was pretty miserable. I don't really know what it was -- I never had the typical "cold" stuff -- no runny nose, no fever, no cough. Just majorly achy body, headache, and "feeling" stuffed up. I went to bed at about 7:30 or so on Friday night and skipped two birthday parties on Saturday. It was one of those days where the only time I got out of my jammies on Saturday was to change into warmer ones when it got chilly that evening.

My hubby was his typically awesome self -- he took the kids outside with him while he did yard work, took Mitchell to run errands with him while Georgia took her nap, and took them both to the 2nd birthday party (45 minutes away) by himself. I know he was disappointed that I was sick, because he lives for family time on the weekend...I was disappointed, too. It stinks to spend all day in bed and miss out on the fun we all have together. Plus, we love the after-the-kids-are-in-bed time where we can have some "us" time, so it stunk to miss that, too.

Anyway, he and Mitchell returned from errands on Saturday afternoon and I was -- yes, still in bed. Mitchell came running upstairs to ask me for the 20th time why I was sick, to ask if I felt better, and to let me know that they had gotten me a surprise. You know what I needed from the store? Fabric softener. Know what I got?

  • Ice cream
  • Fritos
  • Chili
  • Pecan Pie
  • Coke Zero (you know, because I'm watching what I eat and everything)

It just made me laugh. I asked him if he liked me being all fluffy or something, and he laughed and said that he was just trying to cheer me up and bring me stuff I love. (The pie was for him, the rest of it -- yeah, buddy -- bring it on, that's all me!!)

Sweet thought -- next time though, I'm hoping he says he loves me with ice water, a big salad, and some sugar-free jello or something. I really do love that guy!!

Oh, and here's how easy I am to sway -- my own suggestion was that he use the free pizza coupon from our new e-book (thanks, Earen!) on Saturday night for dinner. So, he did -- and I helped polish it off. (No real appetite loss, unfortunately.)

Anyway -- so there was my struggle of the week. But I'm back on my game. I got up and exercised this morning, even did the dvd that is the hardest for me and everything!

It's going to be a good week -- I will make it a good week.

Oh, and because they go so well together -- recipes and Mini-Me Mondays -- I did update my recipes on the side last week. Some of my faves over there!


Short Stop said...

Tara, CONGRATULATIONS! What an accomplishment! Each pound is a success, and it's just awesome to see the rewards!

My hubby rewards me all the time by getting me my favorite foods!! I can enjoy it for now, I suppose...but after the baby is born it will be a different story! ;) Congrats again!!! :)

BethAnne said...

Congrats on the 6 lbs - lose 6 more and you will have lost a whole dress size! That is awesome.
I saw your other post about Georgia - so sweet - she is a doll!

Renee said...

Woo-hoo! 6 lbs is great, Tara!! If you were in WW, you would get a little star for 5 lbs. That's the first big milestone, and you're already past it!

You're doing so good...I am so proud of you, and encouraged by you!! Yay!

Earen said...

6 lbs is awesome Tara! Way to go! I'm very proud of you. And anyway...who really likes vegetables when you're sick anyway! Ok, I'm no help! HA! Congrats on your loss!!

Mari said...

Yeah! I am working on weight loss too and know that every pound is an accomplishment. Lately I lose a pound, then gain a half.. think your hubby is a sweetie too! And - I loved the post about Miss G.

Alana said...

6 lbs in a month is GREAT! Keep it up, you'll get there. Your husband sounds like a great guy!

Heather C said...

6 pounds is a HUGE accomplishment! Way to go, you!

I do the same when I'm sick... bring on the comfort food! Ugh. You're back on track now... that's what counts :)

Anonymous said...

It's sweet when our husbands think of us---even if it's not quite the "best" thing we wanted or need. When they stop showing they care, I'd be sad. My husband this weekend thought he would do something nice and brought homw 2 boxes of pepperoni pizza only to realize that the kids prefer cheese. It was a "teaching" moment to remind the children that daddy was thinking of them. I am glad that God has blessed you with a wonderful husband!

Rebekah said...

Ohh Fritos, that sound good. I made a reese peanut butter cake this weekend. I think Gracie and I ate most of it.
congrats on the 6

Alana said...

Next time I'm in Denver...Starbucks it is!

Sarah Markley said...

Very cool! I am so proud of you...6 pounds takes some work, I know. Good for you.