Thursday, March 09, 2006

I have two children.

That is the strangest thing to say.

"Hi. I'm Tara. I have two children." WHAT?!?! How in the wide world did this happen? Okay, hee hee, I know HOW it happened, I just did this happen so fast? When did I blink? I feel like it was just yesterday that we were bringing Mitchell home from the hospital and now he's the "Big" brother. Blows my mind.

Chris and I were driving the other day and he said "So, we're a family of four now." I said "I's weird, huh?" It's definitely a good thing and we are of course thrilled that Georgia is here and part of our's just quite strange to have it be a reality.

We have two carseats. We have a highchair and a booster seat. We have a crib and a big boy bed. We have a boy and a girl. We have a swing next to the train table. It's just so bizarre.

I know it will get harder -- I haven't left the house by myself with both of them yet, but so far so good. I did get both of them ready by myself on Tuesday and we were out the door in time for school, so that was good. (I let Chris sleep in -- sort of wanted to do it as a test run.) I think Georgia is falling into a pretty good feeding routine that will work out with us getting out of here on time in the mornings.

I think the most surprising thing about having two kids is how it feels to say that out loud. We are so very blessed...two little cutie pies. What did we ever do without them??? (And what in the world did I do with my TIME???)

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