Sunday, January 22, 2006

Just another day...

Okay, so it's Sunday and I woke up at 5 a.m. today. I was dreaming about spiders (yuck!), so thankfully that was cut short by Mitchell's request to be covered up again and have his music start over. By the time I used the restroom and got back to bed, Chris was sawing logs (quite loudly) and Georgia had the hiccups. No more sleep for me.

Today I have a shower at my friend, Nicole's house. I'm excited because it's just a small little get together, not a big deal. I wasn't even planning on having one, but she and Jenn insisted, so here we are. It's just going to be me, my mom, my mother in law, my two grandmas, Jenn, Nicole and both of their moms. I had her include on the invitation that no one needs to bring's enough just to be together, eat some treats and be happy that Georgia will be with us soon. I told her if people brought anything, it would be great to have some food for the freezer and that's about it. The only trouble with this shower is that it starts at 12 and the Broncos play at 1:06. (Why do they start at odd times like that??) For most moms to be, no biggie. Unfortunately, I'm a HUGE Bronco fan, so I will be racing home to see the game. Chris just can't even BELIEVE we're having it then, but since the planning window was small (it didn't get rolling until like 2 weeks ago) and my parents are going out of town next weekend, this was really it. My mom has stuff at her church she's responsible for every Sunday morning, so that left Sunday afternoon. Oh well...I'm sure we'll turn it on at the shower, knowing all of us! :) (Well, except Nicole -- she is not so much a football fan, I don't think.)

May I take this opportunity to completely change the subject and say that I'm REALLY growing tired of Thomas the Tank. He's on my last nerve. It could be because he's EVERYWHERE in this house and in the car, etc. Ugh. I'm reaching my Thomas threshold...good thing I'll have the baby to distract me soon because otherwise it could get ugly for ol' Thomas!! (Just kidding, but he really is beginning to annoy me.) I'm sure when he moves on to his next obsession I'll be looking back "Oh, remember when he loved Thomas? That was so cute!" It seems to go that way, doesn't it?

Off to wrap my hostess gifts and make some chili for the boys while they watch the game!

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Kim said...

Hi Tara! It's good to see you posting again!