Thursday, January 26, 2006


Okay, so why am I so incapable of doing some thinking during normal waking hours? Why does it have to be 4 am? I turn over and mind is going a million miles a minute. Finally at 4:15 I gave up and just came downstairs. The good news is that my new Snap N Go stroller is infant seat ready, and the infant seat is ready for the car! We only had one base for our carseat because they discontinued it like RIGHT after Mitchell was born and we were never able to find another. My brother and sister in law are letting us borrow their infant seat since it has two bases. My parents have one, so we thought we'd let my in laws use our old one in their car.

I have really been trying SOOOO hard not to spend money frivolously with this pregnancy. There are so many darn cute clothes and accessories (especially for little girls), but I've been REALLY good. I have so far only bought one outfit, if you can believe that. (You should see Georgia's closet and changing table though...packed to the GILLS, with only 0-3 clothes!!) Anyway, I was really, really wanting this pink chenille car seat cover for the infant seat. It's just so soft and plush and adorable, but it's also like $65 and a total waste of money. I came SOOO close to ordering it (free shipping!!!), but decided against it. I had to return a couple of things at BRU yesterday, so bought a pink double headrest instead, and she can just be blinged out in pink with that. Hee hee.

I had a completely hormonal Tuesday. Overwhelmed by anything and everything and ended up bawling my head off by the middle of the day. Mitchell is really struggling with separation anxiety and it just kills me. On one hand, it's heart breaking because I absolutely hate hearing him cry and seeing his little face all wrinkled up like that. Plus he says "I need you!" now. Nice work, Mitchell. It just goes against your mothering heart to leave your screaming child like that. Ouch. On the other hand, it's quite irritating because I ALWAYS come back, he has a great time at school, with the inlaws, whatever. I know it's a phase but it's a sucky one and it just pushed my "cry, cry, cry" button on Tuesday.

We have got to start doing more with him at home in terms of coloring, cutting, painting, gluing, etc. He is really resistant and I'm tempted to use the word "hates" it most of the time, but Chris and I talked last night and we're going to go stock up on some good craft supplies this weekend and give it more of a push at home. We'll make it as fun as possible...I guarantee, trains will be involved! :) I don't want to force it, but at the same time, I don't want to neglect it and have him be 5 and not know how to hold a pencil the right way or cut on a straight line.

Okay...I'm starving. Off for some breakfast.

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