Monday, August 20, 2007

We're back...

This is the new "cheese" in our house.

We have reached a new Santa milestone. He willingly sat on his lap and talked loudly enough that Santa could hear him. There were no tears, well, unless you count mine.

(There's the cheese again.) I happen to think that one of the most best places to find the essence of childhood is in a swimming pool.

So, we are back from our weekend away and we are all tired. A good tired, but still -- tired. We packed a LOT into one weekend, and really the only thing that wasn't packed in there was a good amount of sleep. I guess that's what happens when you cram in time with good friends, fun places to go, and beautiful surroundings to enjoy. We can always catch up on sleep. (Oh, and Earen - I guess that means I won't be jogging this week. *wink*)

Just in case you're wondering, Friday night was a repeat of Thursday night with the addition of a 1:30 a.m. trip to Walmart for Georgia and I. We were both in our pajamas for soy milk and swimsuits. We ended up getting: new sunglasses for Miss G that she insisted on wearing through the store (complete with the plastic rectangular holder), soy milk, a size 3T bikini for Miss G (she wears 18 months), and a cute, pink terrycloth robe/dress thing for me. The smallest bathing suit they had for me was literally 4 sizes too big. Bummer. And shocker. Doesn't it seem like Mom is the one who gets the shaft in things like that? Oh well -- I got to watch them swim anyway.

I came home from this weekend with renewed gratefulness for the love and friendship I am blessed to have in my life. The laughs, food, scenery and love that I shared during this one weekend are more than many people experience in a lifetime.

Blessed. I am blessed.


Earen said...

Sounds like you had a good time friend! And 1am Walmart runs...I love Walmart! Yes, I missed running into my jogging partner, but I guess I'll see you this week, right?! :-)

Sarah Markley said...

You guys are jogging partners! Wow. Cool to learn stuff like that. I'm so glad you had a good time on your trip. I like your matter-of-fact take on life (I was reading a few of your older posts just now). So glad to have "met" you! So, now, after a trip at my house is always the gigantic-piles-of-dirty-then-clean laundry phase that lasts a better part of a week. Is that where you are?

Renee said...

I love the 1am Walmart story. I can just picture you and Miss G strolling around WMart in the wee hours of the night.

YOU are an inspiration to me, friend! You are a great mother, a great friend, and I'm so excited to see the changes that you're making in your life. I'll be right here beside you, cheering you on all the way! Love ya!

Tara said...

Sarah - actually, not so much on the jogging partners. It's actually a little joke -- at MOPS one day, a woman was talking about going for a jog as though we all did it. Earen and I both happened to be mid-chew with a donut so it kind of started there.

I would like to say that I *am* working out now though, so Earen, you never know -- I might just be jogging after all soon. Okay - maybe I'll start with wogging.