Thursday, August 23, 2007


My son's favorite thing to do in the morning is to go see his sister in the morning before anyone else does. He is usually up before she is and when he hears her making noise, he always excitedly asks "Can I go see my sister??" When we tell him that he can he yells "Yay!!!!!" and throws the door open to her room and says "Good morning, Sweetheart." He has done this for as long as I can remember. (This picture is a few months old -- I can tell by her hair. And obviously, it's after a nap, not first thing in the morning.) Their game that they have developed is pretty funny to watch. Georgia tosses every stuffed animal and blanket out of her crib and tries to land them on Mitchell's head, and he just as quickly picks them up and hurls them right back into the crib. They laugh and laugh and will do it for about 10-15 minutes, most of the time. In fact, that's what I'm listening to right now, as her room is next door to ours.
It is so sweet, and as I listen to their shrieks of joy, I wonder if they will always be best friends at heart? They are joined at the hip and 9 times out of 10, where you find one, you will find the other. It helps that Georgia thinks Mitchell hung the moon and wants to be right near him doing whatever it is that he's doing. Don't get me wrong, there are many scuffles each day over not taking turns with toys, Georgia "ruining" train tracks, and things like that. In spite of these daily bumps in the road, I hear much more laughing than I do tears, and when one is upset or hurt, the other is right there with a hug and a concerned look.
I hope that they remain close as they grow older and it's my prayer that they continue to protect and love each other the way that they do now because they are a great team.
Off to start the day!


Earen said...

That's so sweet Tara. My brother, who's 2yrs younger than me - well, we were very close always. And I long for my boys to have the same relationship I always have had with my brother. And of course, my brothers think I hung the moon. HA!"wink"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I always love it when people comment!
My kids are 12,10, and 5... Obviously, there is a gap there! BUT they still play together well. The middle one is the "great go-between!" My two oldest are best friends, and they always have been. Looks like you are headed towards that, too, and what a blessing it is to watch. My sister is also my best buddy, and when I had my 2nd daughter, Claire, I remember thinking "there's no greater gift Courtney could receive."
Have fun!

Sarah Markley said...

That happens in our house too. Naomi doesn't mind spending a few extra minutes in her crib if Hope comes in to "peek a boo" her. Sometimes we both crawl in so she can't see us and suprise her. She loves it and there is no better healing balm to a mama's soul than her babies laughing!