Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thoughts galore...

This will be a totally random post, so if you are expecting a logically sequenced stream of thoughts, you might wanna keep on shopping around.


I am having a very productive day -- and it feels so good! I had our dinner made and in the fridge by 8 am, if that tells you anything! Today was my day to take dinner to a woman from my table at MOPS as she's recovering from surgery, so I made a pan for her and a pan for us. It makes a 9x13 casserole, so I just made two 8x8 dishes instead. (Here's where there would be a lot of clicks on the remote if I were a tv show, huh?) I know she got a meal last night and will get one tomorrow, so I figured on Thanksgiving week, leftovers probably wasn't a big deal -- besides, the only disposable pan I had was 8x8. (That way she doesn't have to wash or return the dish.) I felt even better about my choice when I got there and her hubby had me leave the food on the table because he needed to make room in the fridge for it. Plus, now we have dinner ready to heat and serve, too! Score! Oh, and in case you're wondering - I made White Sauce Chicken Enchiladas. We're also having refried beans/cheese, brown rice and fresh green beans. (They got the same, except for I gave them one of the steamer broccoli bags instead.)


So, I just got off of the phone with my husband a few minutes ago and our conversation prompted him to say the following:

Hubby: You need to add that one to the list.
Me: What list?
Hubby: The list of random things about you.
Me: You mean the one that quickly grew into a list of crap that bugs my husband?
Hubby: Yeah, that one.

What was he talking about, you ask? My need to clean by hand our self-cleaning oven. Apparently, his label for this sort of issue is (and this is a direct quote) "There's clean, and then there's 'Tara' clean."

Ummmm, yeah. I have a few issues. But, to be fair -- the man was cleaning his bathroom with dish soap until I came into the picture, so ladies -- let's consider the source, shall we?


I so totally did NOT want to work out today. (Like, totally dudes. Gag me.) However, I managed to scrape up just enough motivation and did a quick 30 min dvd during nap time. I feel good about that one!


Did I mention that my oven is clean? And I love it that way?


Yesterday at the pediatrician's office, we graced a P.A. that we'd yet to meet with our family goo. Both kids have snotty noses and coughs -- and for the past 4 years, that has meant a good possibility of an ear infection, so I took them both in. Mitchell had just started to fall asleep in the car on the way there, and I'm sure I don't have to explain the resulting demeanor to those of you moms with preschoolers who don't nap anymore. When they do fall asleep, and it's only for a few minutes -- whoo---eee, look out now. Or is that just him? Not sure.

Anyway -- so we're in there tearing up magazines and other fun stuff (uhhh, yeah - good times) and in walks Mark, the P.A. that we've never met. Georgia immediately shows off by blowing a snot bubble out of her nose and Mitchell literally crawls under the table.

Me: Hi! Welcome to our little world of fun.
Mark: *blinking like a deer in headlights* Hi, guys!

No, really - he was super nice and quite the trooper. In my defense, it was 2:45 and we'd been waiting for a while. Mitchell quit the shy act after about 2 minutes and Georgia did her normal charming act and all was well.

I think the highlight for me was when Mark used his little plastic hook tool to get a chunk of wax deep out of Mitchell's ear so that he could see the eardrum. He cleaned the tip of the tool off with a tissue and set it down to pick his otoscope (the little ear looker thing) back up. Mitchell saw the tissue sitting there and blew his nose with it.

Mark looked totally grossed out.
I just laughed and said "Well, at least it's his, right?"

I'm pretty sure we made an impression. Oh, and by the way - Mitchell does have an ear infection, and Georgia's was pretty close. (Even with tubes.) *sigh*


I'm making out my Christmas list (of things to buy, not receive) and can I just tell you right now how LOVELY the whole "scaling back" effort feels right about now?? Not just the money we won't be spending, but the stress of shopping, wrapping, etc. for stuff that I am not so sure people will really use or love. I *know* that each and every thing on my list will be appreciated and I think it just might mean more, not getting lost among a pile of other "things." I feel so good about it -- and the shopping I'm really looking forward to is with the kids and Chris for our soldiers at war that we sponsor, and for the angel tree families we will sponsor this year as well. I can't wait!!!


Alrighty then, I'm off to make sugar cookie dough. We're making football and turkey cookies for Thursday. In my very clean oven. Did I mention how clean it is?


Mari said...

I've enjoyed your random list. I'm sorry to say that I'm with your husband on the oven thing. My oven is a self cleaning and it looks pretty clean to me! You don't have to tell him though!

Earen said...

Sounds like you had a fun day & a clean oven! :-) I love reading your random thoughts. And no, your son is not the only one who wakes up after sleeping for a short time in the car & then watch out! Happy Thanksgiving friend!

BethAnne said...

Self-cleaning means that is one less thing I have to do myself and one less can of easy off I have to buy.
I love the part about your kids at the dr.'s office. I always make my kids hold something in their hands and not let it go until we leave the office. Our dr's office has toys in it! What is up with that? The kids are all sick already why give them more opportunities for germs? People at our office think we are freaks and that I am even freakier because I am constantly telling the kids dont let go of your toy - keep both hands on it at all times! I know, I am a nut - I said it - you thought it.
Have you given us the recipe for these enchiladas before? Maybe they are on your sidebar and I missed them. BTW, don't look at my blog - I have 2 recipes and they are totally not 'Martha' (Stewart not sister of Mary) recipes - you seem like a real Martha (again Stewart) kind of cook - I am more of a Betty Crocker kind of out of the box girl myself.

Kristen said...

I loved your random list - it made me smile both on the inside and the outside. It lightened the mood of my day :o)

I cleaned my oven yesterday - but I used the self cleaning feature. I have never had that on an oven before - it is a nice touch but it took way longer than I thought it would. I have only used the self cleaning feature one other time, otherwise I maintain myself but in honor of Thanksgiving and having guests in the house I thought we needed a deep clean.

I am with you on the waking up a preschooler from a short little nap - not a pretty sight in our house.

I'm Tara. said...

BethAnne - I'll do casseroles over there (on my sidebar) next and promise I'll put that recipe up there.

And HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA on the Martha Stewart thing. My very favorite magnet says this:

Martha Stewart doesn't live here...and it's a Good Thing!


shelley said...

That was a great list! Sometimes those "random" lists are the best...I think because it shows life as it really is! And Oh how you are right about the short naps, Ugh! The tissue/earwax/blowing nose thing was HILLARIOUS! I wonder if the new P.A. has kids? :)

Terri said...

I'm glad you've got a clean oven - at least I think you said you did!
And I totally get it about the preschool nap thing. Shaelyn can fall asleep for a few minutes and you wake her up and you'd think you woke a hibernating mama bear up. It's awful!!
Loved the stories about the kids!

Alana said...

Definitely need that recipe!

I have a lot of cleaning issues as well, but the oven isn't one of them. I figure out of sight, out of mind. I guess you can tell how often I use my oven ;-)

Anonymous said...

You have an oven!!!!
I'd take an oven right now----dirty or clean. :)

Denise said...

i know i'm a week behind, but you wanna make me dinner? (not the chicken dish with the bad sauce though).
i think i have ONE day like that a year (when dinner is done by b-fast) and usually because i am delivering a dinner to someone else.
clean ovens rock!
and btw- the bed is made EVERYDAY!
hubby and i have a deal, who ever is out of bed last has to make it. sometimes we are like 9 yr olds racing to jump out of bed before the other :-)