Friday, September 15, 2006


I hate having a sick kid. Know what's worse?

Two of them.

This is a new thing for me. They've never been sick at the same time. I'm sure it's a bug that M was kind enough to bring home from school. It's just a cold, but still -- you know how that goes. Poor little Georgia. I fed her at 5:30 and then she slept again until about 8:30. Went in to get her and she had snot ALL OVER her little face. :( I did the whole saline/suction thing and man -- I didn't know she had room for all of that in there!! Poor thing -- even after my extraction session, she still had to take breathers to eat. Sweet girl.

I don't feel all that lovely myself today either, so today should be interesting. I just feel so bad because there's not a TON of stuff you can do for colds. I think we'll do rest, some soup, turn on the humidifier, spray the saline, and veg out.


Anyone wanna come over and play?


Renee said...

I'm sending sniffly hugs your way! It just doesn't seem right to be fighting colds in the SUMMER!! Give M and G a big hug from me, and yourself too! Love you!

Kim said...

Oh no, that stinks! Hope you're all feeling better soon! (((HUGS)))