Saturday, September 30, 2006


So I have had a SERIOUS motivational lack this week. For what? Anything, really.

Laundry. Returning phone calls. Cleaning. Taking a shower, some days.

Am I depressed? No. I think I'm just tired. And tired of being tired. And I wanted to rest.

The only problem is that I am now motivated but overwhelmed.

Like 8 (literally) loads of laundry. All 3 bathrooms dirty. A PILE of junk mail on the kitchen table. The floors need mopping. The carpet (whole house) needs to be vacuumed. I need to make some stuff food-wise.

Ugh. Oh well, just took a break to say that this sucks and I *REALLY* want a cleaning lady. I might even give up Starbucks for that.

SUB!!!!! I need a sub!!!!


Kim said...

Tara, I totally get it. In fact, I'll probably be blogging about the same thing later on.

mutterbumser said...
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