Sunday, May 07, 2006

Tub of goo...

That's me! And my stomach. And my thighs. And my rear end. And...


I think I'd feel big anyway, but the fact that I lost 30 pounds (or so) before I got pregnant is not helping anything. My clothes were the smallest I'd worn in YEARS and now I can only fit into what were then my "fat" clothes.

I know baby weight is something, but I only have myself to blame. I have this enormous jelly-belly pooch after Georgia's birth and do you think I've done even ONE situp yet? No. 10 weeks and counting -- ugh. (again) I have made an effort to walk, but other than, no workouts of any kind from this sad sack of fatty tissue. Also -- I haven't been eating the best. I have had a MAJOR sweet tooth for some reason, which is strange since I am usually more of a muncher on salty/snacky things. This whole breastfeeding thing also has stimulated my apptetite like CRAZY!!! I am ALWAYS hungry -- ALL THE TIME. Makes it hard not to eat.

This week - I plan to tackle the food issue. Just healthy snacks. I will let myself eat as much and as often as I want to, but only healthy stuff. I'm the start of my own problem in that regard, so I may as well be the solution as well.

Also -- I want to try and work out twice this week. I feel like that's realistic. Do a tape, lift some light arm weights, do some lunges, etc. Hopefully I can make that happen.

I'm just so sick of nothing fitting right, nothing feeling good when I put it on, my thighs meeting again each time I walk. :( Wish me luck -- I'm ready to lose this weight.

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