Thursday, May 11, 2006

Feeling really blessed...

Ever feel like you're starting to get yourself into a little funk? Here I was feeling all sorry for myself because I've been tired, Mitchell was a pill yesterday, Georgia couldn't make up her mind about eating/sleeping/etc. yesterday, Chris has been working long hours again making me a pretty much single mom M-F, and I am now having trouble pumping milk again. Plus, I started seeing clients again and am trading daycare with my neighbor, so basically two and more likely three mornings will be taken up and now I have that stress to deal with.

I tell ya though, all it takes is watching the news to remind me of how EXTREMELY fortunate and blessed I am. That did it for me last night.

I mean, first of all -- I'm an American. The freedom and priveleges that come with being a citizen here are pretty much taken for granted on a daily basis. I'm also married to the most wonderful man - - he really is my soul mate and about as close to perfect a match as I could ever hope for. I may not be sure of much, but I am certain that he loves me at least as much as I love him. My children are two of the most beautiful, sweet, cuddly kids on the planet, and for whatever reason, I was chosen to raise them. Just being their mom is enough for me on most days -- except days like yesterday when I'm arrogant enough to be "blue" about piddly little things. My family is amazing, so is my husband's -- you know, I'd say 75% of the stress and drama we have with them is because people want to spend more time with us and our kids, or be involved in our lives in some way. (Why is that something that becomes stressful?) We own a nice home (nicer than I give it credit for), we have two nice cars, clothes for ourselves and our kids, more than enough food to eat, health insurance, and not much -- but a little money in the bank for a rainy day.

What in the world was I so upset about yesterday? Really -- it's embarrasing when I let myself get like that.

I was just watching the news.

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