Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is that a cobweb?

Well, if the 'net had cobwebs, this blog would surely be sporting a few! I've not exactly been regularly updating things, now have I?

Let me catch you up quickly, as I hear stirrings signaling the end of naptime in the next room...

*The baby-to-be: all is well in tummy land! I'm feeling good, just getting big and finding it hard to maintain my stamina towards the end of the day. I have been super duper nesty though, so our house is nice and clean and organized, so that's a good thing. These hormones though -- goodness. They are nasty little things from time to time, but I'm trying to round them up and keep them quiet for the most part. It's hard to believe we only have 3 months left to go! Time is a flyin', I tell ya.

*The house: is still for sale. We had our first showing in nearly two months this weekend and the realtor's office just called this afternoon to pass along the feedback that she received from the other agent. Apparently our house is "in their top 3" and showed "wonderfully" -- BUT -- they wrote an offer on another house in the neighborhood. Same size, pretty good condition, and yes - you guessed it! A foreclosure. They wrote their offer for 29K less than our asking price and in the realtor's words "they lowballed it" and there is quite a bit of interest on that house so there is a good chance their offer will be rejected. In that case, I'm guessing they could come back for another showing or write us an offer, but I'm sure there's another similar house in the top 3 as well. We're just not willing to give our house away. *sigh* SO...our most recent decision is this: if our home hasn't sold by June, we will take it off the market and just wait until next spring. Neither of us are really willing to go through all of the trouble of keeping it show-ready with a newborn. We will choose instead to finish the basement off and focus on our family. It feels good to have a decision either way. (Now I'm just waiting to sell it May 30th or something.)

*The family: is for the most part, doing well. The kids and I both got sick with Norovirus after eating what is believed to be some tainted fruit at a birthday party a few weeks ago. Unless you are just dying to see what it's like for your household to spontaneously burst into intestinal distress within an hour of each other, I highly recommend that you steer clear of the thing. Ick. Up until that point we'd never experienced simultaneous vomiting in our house, but whooooeeeee, we got a lifetime's worth in one night with that one. Thankfully, the kids were both fine after about 5 hours of madness and were back to bouncing off of the walls the next day. Unfortunately, my worst time was the next day...go figure. I was really, really sick that whole day but it took a full week for me to get back to feeling like I could actually enjoy food again and lose the nausea. Oh - and did I mention that 2 days after my little episode I had to do the glucose test? That was pretty brutal. (At least I passed though!) Chris is having a blast playing on an over 30 men's soccer team and we've had fun going to watch his games. Mitchell is also having a great time playing soccer...he has a game tonight, actually. He scored his first goal last week, and in true Mitchell fashion came running off the field cracking up to give us all hugs. We had to literally escort him back onto the field to keep playing. Classic! He is so proud of his "Player of the Game" certificate and marched right in the door to hang it up on the fridge. (I won't tell him that every kiddo gets one at some point - he thinks it is just the coolest!) Georgia is loving her gymnastics classes and yesterday she finally decided that she might not just die if she touched the bars. She actually loved the tricks they were helping them to do and was a total giggle box. Her new thing is doing "Princess Turns" -- up on her toes and everything. It is seriously cute. (Even if I didn't know her it would be cute.)

I think that's about it. Not much to report on me -- just getting through the end of the MOPS and preschool year and figuring out how we'll be spending our time this summer until Baby Loo joins us. I hope you're all well - and I really, truly do hope to jump back into reading and commenting on all of your great blogs!

Love to you all!!


Short Stop said...

Ohhh, I miss you! I'm glad that you're feeling well for the most part.

I hope your house sells, but SO glad you'll have some peace either way!

SO glad to see a post from you today!! :)

Kristen said...

welcome back! i have missed reading your blogs :o)

glad to know things are going well with the family and your pregnancy. I can't believe there are only 3 months left - wow!

it sounds like you have some peace about your housing situation - i will pray it sells!

Alana said...

Always so good to read an update on sweet Tara! You are so missed in blogland. I'm glad all is well. Hope the house sells soon!

Mari said...

It's so good to hear from you again! I'm glad things are going well, apart from that nasty bug. When you are pregnant - viruses really do a double whammy on you! Have a great week!

Shelley said...

Tara! I was so glad to hear from you! How exciting that you only have three months to go!

I am so glad that you have peace about your house, it sounds like you have realistic plans and goals, and I totally agree that shouldn't just "give away" your house.

That virus sounds AWFUL! I hate that you had to go through that. Sometimes I wonder why God didn't give us mommies a free pass when it comes to getting sick!

Thanks for catching us up, I missed you!

Cheri said...

I can't imagine having kids and you sick at the same time and being pregnant on top of it! Glad you're over that.
I work in real estate- I think you're wise to just wait it out if nothing happens this round because you do have to about give it away to get anything to sell these days.

I'm Sadie said...

Glad to see you back! I didn't realize that there was only 3 months left until we meet this sweet baby! How exciting! I hate hearing that selling the house still isn't going great. I can understand your frustration. Hope you stay in blogland!m

Sittintall said...

It's really nice to hear from you. Glad that you are still kickin. I have to say I think it is going to be kind of hard to blog during the summer months. Life just gets busy.

Darlene R. said...

It seems like not long ago you told us you were pregnant and now you're down to three months! Wow.

Sorry to hear about the bad fruit thing. Yuck.

It was good to hear from you!

Janelle said...

Oh, my blog is collecting dust, too. I am just WAY TO TIRED!!

Happy to hear that baby and kiddos are doing well. Can't wait to see what is in store for your house situation.

The timing of it will be perfect!

Sittintall said...

Just thought I'd let you know, we just tried your cranberry chicken last night. My family LOVED it! Although, I just cooked it in a skillet instead of all day in a crockpot (so can't tell which is better, but this was tasty). My hubby even said maybe he'd like it again this weekend. We've also tried your strogonoff in the past. So thanks for the recipes!