Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ahhhhhhh.... (that's me breathing, by the way)

That's my new strategy...Breathe.

Breathe again.
Breathe some more.

Physically, I feel pretty good. I get tired, of course, from growing a little person in here - but for the most part, I really can't complain. I mean, my left hip is killing me and the heartburn stinks...just kidding! Seriously, it's been a pretty easy pregnancy so far. By the way, the new little baby thing on my sidebar - sort of wacky how (s)he floats around in there like a little slow-paced pinball, don't you think? I mean, I know this one's floating too - that one just looks like it's on the moon or something. And also - I put that there so you can know how far along I am even when I'm flakey and don't post for a month or something. I get that "when are you due??" thing a lot, so thought this might help!

Anddddd...because it's my blog and I can interrupt myself if I want to - I will tell you that Mitchell felt the baby kick for the first time today! Oh, goodness - that is for sure in my top ten Mommy moments right now. I got all welled up because he just got so, so, SO excited! He is a bit on the impatient (or five year old) side of life, so before today when the baby has been kicking he hasn't managed to stay still long enough to feel it yet. However...about half an hour ago I was sitting here putting pictures from his first ever soccer game onto the computer and the baby was ripping off some good ones so I called him over and wouldn't you know it -- BOOM. His eyes grew so big and just absolutely lit up! He said "Mommy, was that the baby? Did it kick me?" When I said yes he got the giggles and was just over the moon. He felt about three kicks, I think. I can still see his face and hear that laughter -- oh, goodness. It was magical. When I was pregnant with Georgia, he was still pretty young so he didn't really "get it" but this time, he is definitely hooked up with what's going on, so it was a wonderful moment. I just wish my camera's memory card wasn't in the middle of moving those soccer videos so I could have taken a picture of his face!

Oh, and speaking of soccer: (ummmm, yeah - can you tell how nicely this will flow today?) I have to tell you that this whole thing of him being on a team has been hysterical. Our little wallflower has decided that he is just going to jump in with both feet and his personality is coming right on out of his ears! The team's practices are Sunday afternoons and we didn't know it (wouldn't have gone anyway) but the team practiced on Easter. The sad thing for Mitchell is that they also gave their ideas for a team name at that practice -- he was SO excited to throw out the idea of "The Buffaloes". I mean, his heart was SET on it. So, when he found out that they could only vote for three previously suggested ideas, well - that just was not gonna fly. (I was at home with Miss G for her nap, so Chris relayed this story to me, just so you know.) Apparently, the coach asked him for his vote and he said "Well, I'm just gonna call myself 'The Buffaloes' then!" The coach said "So you don't want to vote?" And he said he didn't. Then two seconds later, he did. And the winning team name?

The Fighting Machines.

I am pretty sure that was not the idea of the one little girl on his team, but I don't have proof. Other than, well - the name itself. Proof enough that it's not the work of a five year old girl, don't you think? Anyway - during his first game last night he apparently growled on the field the whole time he was playing. (Again, information from Chris. I was in the car with a sick baby girl.) I asked him about that this morning and he informed he that he was pretending to be a tiger. We agreed to maybe not growl during any more soccer games.

Anyone who knows Mitchell is probably not all that surprised that we had to make such a request.

Okay, so - back to me and my breathing. Physically, pretty good. Emotionally - well, it depends on the exact moment in time that you ask me. Yesterday, count yourself lucky that you didn't ask me. My husband did and whoooo - I bet he is still regretting that one.

BUT. My new strategy: breathing. Why breathing? Because. First of all, I have to, right? Second of all -- does it get any more simple than that?

Breathe in.
Breathe out.

I've been trying to be grateful for the little things in my life. The small joys. And breathing is one of them. So, when I get overwhelmed with it all - I just try to breathe and be grateful that I can. I just focus on being still, chilling out, and seriously - just being. If only I had a dollar for every time the scripture, Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God..." has come into my life lately.

Seriously. All over the place. So, I decided to listen to that and give it a whirl.

Guess what? It works. It seriously works. It's really given me some peace and calmed what I can only describe as an inner restlessness that I've felt lately. So, it's my new thing. I breathe.

Okay - I will leave you with a little snippet of Georgia cuteness. Yesterday (the day she was deservedly a crankpot) I heard her on the monitor waking up from her nap. She was talking and calling me, so I came up and opened her door. It appeared that she had fallen back asleep as I was coming upstairs, so she was laying on her tummy, facing away from me. When I opened the door, she picked her head up, turned and gave me the biggest two-year-old glare you have ever seen. She then stood up with her hair looking like she'd just walked out of a wind tunnel and loudly proclaimed "You no wake up ME!!!"

I couldn't help it. I laughed.

Which made her even more mad, which made me laugh even harder. One mention of finding some juice made her smile and say "Okay, Mommy - get me outta here!" Ohhhhhh...that girl is cute even when she's spitting fire, I tell ya!

Thanks for putting up with my randomness today. Feels good to just let it all hang out again. And oohhhh baby, is it ever hanging out! :) I added two of my fave crockpot recipes to the sidebar today, by the way. They are super yummy!


Cheri said...

It is so hard to not laugh when they are soooo mad. Don't feel bad- I would laugh too.

Shelley said...

There's just something about those little, second child girls...they are ALWAYS cute, even when they're mad! I get myself in trouble sometimes too, because I can't help but laugh at her! I love that Mitchell felt the baby kick! That is so cool! The new pics on the sidebar are great, and I can't wait to try your recipes!

Teresa said...

Awh, what a great big brother of two he's going to be. I bet you never could even imagine having any others but him at one time. I know I can't imagine having more than just Dylan....and when I think of him being a big brother, well, it makes my heart swell. I wish here was something I could do or say to make you feel lots better! Give me a call if you need to vent to someone who will be objective and will listen without questions.


Sarah Markley said...

I can soooo hear Naomi in that! So great! I love this age, except when she is screaming about her shoes or her shirt or a spoon or something. =)

Janelle said...

I laughed HARD at the soccer stories. We had our own run-in with the Tigers when my son was 3.
He staged a protest in the middle of the field because the black team called themselves the tigers when they CLEARLY should have been named Panthers. He sat down in the middle of the field for the entire game and refused to play. By the end of it, he had convinced 3 other players to sit with him in protest. It was a hoot! One of my favorite stories.

Your thoughts could have been my thoughts this week. I have woken up several early mornings feeling very anxious. The words that came to me were, Be Still and KNOW that I am GOD! Great comfort.

Love the baby movements!

Earen said...

Good for you, my friend...breathe & rest during this time! Your kids are just so cute & I love hearing your stories about them! Love you friend!

BethAnne said...

I think I will try the "You no wake me up" thing on my kids in the morning when they come into my room at 6:30 on the only day I get to sleep in. Think it will work? Nah. Probably not.

Good to see you back! Dont be a stranger!

Rebekah said...

Lol, cute about the "no wake up" call. Glad you are doing good with the pregnancy. Be still- is my theme in life. There is a song out called Be Still by Story Side B. Check it out, you may like it.

Alana said...

Cute stories! So glad to hear you are hanging in there. Breathing is a good thing ;-)

Renee said...

I love reading your posts, friend. They're so...YOU, and they make me feel like we're not so far apart.

I am SOO excited for you and the little life growing inside your tummy. It's fun that you added the little baby on the side, so we can all see exactly where your little bean is at.

How precious that Mitchell had a 'moment' with the baby. That's about as sweet as it gets.

Miss G cracks me up. I love your stories about her...she's such a firecracker, and she just makes me smile whenever I think about her. And picture you being like her when you were little.

Keep breathing,'re so loved!

I'm Sadie said...

I am so glad you were able to blog! I've been missing you! I would have died laughing at Miss G! How cute is she! I totally had to lol at Mitchell growling on the field! That's too funny!

Anonymous said...

I think I may try that this week.

I love the kids' stories, they are so funny, these guys. Pure entertainment - most of the time. :)

Mari said...

Hi Tara - just checking in. I wanted you to know I was missing you and hoping the whole family, but especially you and baby are doing well!