Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's that time again...

...as in, the middle of the night. *sigh*

Most of my 2005 posts were probably made between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am. I was pregnant.

Hi. It's 3:25 a.m. at the moment. I'm pregnant. *yawn*

I'm just sayin'...this seems to be my thing. I believe that I brought tonight upon myself as I ate too late (and something a little sweet) and had horrid heartburn and well -- here I am. Law & Order is always on almost all night and usually will put me back to sleep. Not tonight.

As long as I'm up, here are two (as Chris calls them) "bloggable" moments from this week in our house.
Here's an almost hourly conversation with Georgia this week. NO idea what it means or where it came from but she's pretty satisfied every time I play along.
Georgia: Guess what, Mommy!
Mommy: What?
Georgia: Charlie Brown! (cha-ee bon)
Mommy: Charlie Brown?
Georgia: Yeah.
(Uhhhh, nope. You're not missing anything. That's it. That's where she happily runs off.)

Mitchell made me get all teary-eyed at dinner on Valentine's Day. I made breakfast for dinner and the highlight for the kids was the pink, heart-shaped pancakes that I made. (In hindsight, very strange. I try pretty hard to not give them red food dye if I can help it and then I gave it to them on purpose. Go figure. I had planned the heart-shape thing earlier, but the pink idea came to me at the last minute. Next year, it's raspberry and/or strawberry puree in the batter, baby.)

Anyway, he was getting himself another pancake from the kitchen and Georgia said "More cakes?" as he was getting up. He brought the whole plate back to the table with him and said "Maybe we can share one, Georgia!"

We then watched with pride as he completely unprompted proceeded to tear a pancake in half. He put one half on his plate, then put the other half down on his placemat. He asked Georgia for her fork and began trying to cut the other half of the pancake into smaller pieces for her. He was pretty unsuccesful at that, so he put the fork down and began tearing off bite-sized pieces for her. Every time he'd hand her one she'd say, "Ank u, Mitcho" and he'd smile so big and tell her "You're welcome, sweetheart."

*sniffle* It was seriously just the sweetest thing. Chris and I just sat there and watched. Well, he sat and watched with a smile. I watched, smiled, and cried...'cause, well - that's what I do.

I'll leave you on a good note: I have my big ultrasound this morning. In 4 hours. Guess I better try again for some sleep, huh? Oh, and no - not finding out what we're having but praying for a healthy whoever is in there. I'll update you on that front soon.

Night, night. (See -- look at me, being all optomistic and stuff. Pretty cheery for 3:39 a.m., huh?)


Janelle said...

Death to Heartburn! I ate at 4:00 yesterday and still had it last night really bad. UGH!

I can't wait to see Ultrasound pix. I pray for a healthy baby for your sweet family!

Kristen said...

praying for you to get some sleep, can't wait to see pictures of the babe!

Anonymous said...

You know what your problem is, don't you?

You are living in the wrong country! Tell the cabana boy you want to ove to Japan with me! :) That'll solve those sleep issues.......

We have a Starbucks and yummy McDonald's french fries. What else do you need?

Can't wait to hear the ultrasound results----are you sure you don't want to know the baby's gender or are you just keeping us in suspense? :)

Renee said...

Sweet Tara...
I was just about to call you, when I read this post. It looks like you should be getting your ultrasound any minute now.

I will call you later today. But know that I am going to pray for you and your ultrasound right now. (As soon as I post this comment).

I love you, and hope you were able to get a couple hours of sleep!

Terri said...

Hope you can get your sleep schedule "on schedule" again. There's nothing worse than being awake when you know you should be getting sleep. Can't wait to hear about the ultrasound!

Alana said...

Exciting day with the ultrasound! Can't wait to hear how it went.

Love the story about Mitchell sharing with Georgia...too sweet.

Hope you are well.

I'm Sadie said...

That put tears in my eyes and I am not preggo! Sweet kiddos you have Tara. They make my heart melt and I have never met them IRL. I wish I could. You two are such wonderful parents!

Sittintall said...

That was a sweet story from your little guy. Don't you just love it when they do sweet things for their siblings. At our household, it doesn't happen often, but when it does...it surely gets noticed. Hope you get more sleep tonight.

Mari said...

You do some pretty good blogging in the middle of the night. What sweet kids you are raising - I love that story.

Darlene R. said...

I love it when they get along like that!

And your conversation with Georgia, I've had a few of those.

Kids are great!

I hope you get better sleep tonight.

Anonymous said...

I was an insomniac while I was pregnant, too. Was it the backaches? Headaches? Muscle cramps? Or maybe just the big ol' belly I was sporting. :) You're right, it comes with the territory. I think it's God preparing us for newborns. Yawn.

Emily said...

You have the sweetest boy, seriously.
Can't wait to see how your ultrasound went! Praying for everything to be happy and healthy.

Earen said...

Ok, that was SO darling what happened between your kiddos. That he called her sweetheart....just darling. I pray you get some sleep & I'm looking forward to hearing how your ultrasound went. Love ya!

Sarah Markley said...

So sweet! I love it when they talk to each other, or when they do sweet, unecessary things for one another...I'm sorry you can't sleep!

Teresa said...

Awh Tara, my eyes just welled up! I had to share the story with Brian because it was just the sweetest thing I've ever heard between a brother and sister. I bet Ms. G was pleased as punch that M was giving her that attention.

xoxoxo and prayers for your ultrasound results.

Shelley said...

I bet you're all done with that ultrasound now...I hope it went well!

What a sweet moment between your kiddos. It brought tears to my eyes when I read "sweetheart." Love, love, LOVE it!

And we've had some conversations like Georgia's too. When I ask her why she did something, she'll say..."That's why." No real reason, just that's why!

Katiegirl said...

I was the same way with Makena & with Tayler - up in the middle of the night. Loved the story between M & G, so sweet! Makena is starting to be that way with Tayler & it melts my heart. Thinking of you and the whole fam, waiting on the amnio results. Lots of love!

AlaneM said...

Oh your story on your lil man was so cute! What a sweetheart to share like that.
Can't wait to hear about the ultrasound...

Jana Griffin said...

that is just the sweetest thing Mitchell did for Georgia. I love those baby thank you's too. Soooo stinkin' cute! Good luck getting some sleep tonight.