Friday, December 12, 2008

Mini-Me Friday #7ish

A month? Seriously? I haven't blogged in a month? Hmmmm. I guess that must be right!

Wellll, a lot can happen in a month, as we all know. Things like traveling to Albuquerque for a long weekend, Thanksgiving, your first "baby" turning six years old. (Ouch. Still hurts to type that one.)

I am happy to report that although I have been MIA over here, I have NOT completely derailed myself from my weight loss efforts. It is actually amusing for me to report that I actually went, jogging, I said...on Thanksgiving morning to "earn" my big ol' meal! I mean, people -- JOGGING. On Turkey Day. This is big change. Big.


Basically, here's the update. I found this program through word-of-mouth from a great friend (who has a blog but no actual BLOG there or I'd hook you up -- subtle hint that I would like her to blog, isn't it?? she knows who she is.) and downloaded these podcasts to my iPod. So now I jog with good ol' Robert 3 times a week. I did day one of week 4 this morning and Robert -- whoo, he had me questioning whether or not this was such a good idea. BUT, I did it.

And, for all of you Biggest Loser fans out there -- I am pleased to tell you that both Vicky and Heba are good for something, after all. I just pictured them running on either side of me and told myself two things: (a) if THEY could run, I could run and (b) if I quit -- it would be a bad omen for Michelle, so I had to keep running if I wanted to give her some mojo. And guess what? I did it. So. Those two evil, scheming *ahem* women (this is me not cursing at them) actually kept me running this morning...who knew?

Okay. So we have one week left for our group before this session ends. I weighed in last night for the first time in 4 weeks -- I missed because the kids were sick, I was sick, Thanksgiving, and a snow cancellation -- and I was down 5 lbs from my last weigh in! This was very exciting to me because...

It means that I am only 1/2 pound over the weight that I was when I got pregnant with Mason and have now lost 38 pounds since having him! Yay!!!!! I'm also only 17 pounds over my lowest weight -- that was right before I got pregnant with Miss G, so June 2005. I'm so happy about that!

My first goal is 7 lbs.
My second goal is 17 lbs. I'd love to do this by April, as I am in my best friend's wedding and will be in a strapless gown.
My ultimate goal is 37 lbs. This seems more within my reach now that I realize I've already lost that much. Funny how your brain needs little things like that. Or my little brain, I should say.

I am just taking it one day at a time and trying not to be too crazy or obsessed. I'm also trying to be realistic about things. For instance, I have a date night tomorrow with my husband. We have a Christmas party at one of his co-worker's houses and will probably end up out for drinks with friends or by ourselves later. typical Friday cheating will not be happening. Nor have I had a glass of wine while I cooked dinner this week. (My favorite thing!! Love to do that.)

Anyway- there's the update. Have a long way to go but am proud of myself for the hard work I've put in so far. I'm giving all the glory to God though -- He has certainly provided me with a team of loving, supporting, encouraging people to cheer me on, and most importantly -- the strength and courage to do what I need to do.

He is so good. So very, very good.


Mari said...

It's good to hear from you. Hooray for the weight loss. You're an inspiration! I'm waiting for Biggest Loser finale and will not be cheering for Heba or Vicki!

kirimarie said...

Biggest Loser is my secret passion. I love that show! This season is like a soap opera, seriously, isn't it just the best??? (I'm running behind--2 episodes on DVR I haven't watched yet...But I love to hate Vicki AND Heba...)
Congratulations on JOGGING! Be careful, it can definitely become an addictive habit!

Shelley said...

Oh girl, I am SO proud of you! My brain needs those little things, goals, stepping stones I guess...Anway, you know what I mean!

Alana said...

It sounds like you have just the right attitude. I know for me it has been trying not to be too crazy about it all as well ;-) It has been such a slow process for me, but I haven't given up. I'm just 1/2 pound shy of 20 right now, but it has taken me about 6 months...pathetic I know! I'd to lose at the very least 5 more, but am hoping to drop another 20 total...maybe 25. I'm still trying to decide what weight is really reasonable for me right now. Anyway, all this to say...great job!!

Alana said...

Oh, and the by the way, the jogging/running has really been key for me! Keep that will help!!

I'm Sadie said...

CONGRATS on your weight loss Tara! That's awesome! I am really proud of you! Your kiddos are so stinking cute!

Heather C said...

Way to go! I tried c25k for a while a couple of years ago. Hubs and I were running together but then he broke his toe and had to take a break. I didn't wanna run alone, and then when he was better he said he didn't like running anyway... so there went that.

I have got to get serious about losing some weight here. You've inspired me. :) You go, girl!

Emily said...

Dude, you haven't blogged yet this year. I am calling you out woman! :) A picture, a funny moment (see my latest blog) something!

Shelley said...

Great update! It is crazy how fast they grow, and change, and start MOVING. Oh girl, get ready!