Saturday, June 21, 2008

Never a know!

So. First things first, yes - still pregnant. I'm due now just under 5 weeks from now, and probably unlike 99% of pregnant women who are due in the middle of the blazing, hot summer -- I'm hoping that I don't go any sooner than that.


Well. For starters, my husband had knee surgery yesterday. He has this degenerative condition in his joints and basically is working with a bad batch of cartilage in both knees. The surgeon wasn't sure what he would find when he got in there. See - he just had a scope done, no massive cutting or anything. BUT - if the doctor would have gotten in there and found little to no cartilage left, then he wouldn't have been able to pin anything. He would have just cleaned stuff out and called it a day.

What he did find was quite a bit of cartilage that wasn't even completely detached and so the result is hopefully a good one for the ol' hubster. The surgeon thinks that he'll heal quite nicely and have a much reduced level of everyday pain as a result. That's the good news.

The bad news? He is to be completely non-weight-bearing on crutches for 4 weeks. Originally we were told 3 weeks, but now it is 4.

Oh, and no driving. For. Four. Weeks.

PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's me. Trying to get him to/from work is one thing. NOW, add the anxiety of being apart from him, with no car and the thought of me going into labor. Yeah. Like I said, panic.

It will be fine. It will work out. We are VERY blessed to have many friends and both of our parents in town, all of whom would GLADLY drop anything and everything to rush to our aid when and if we need it. I know this. I just -- well, I'm hormonal and emotional and it makes me about break into hives when I think about it. I'm a planner and this has thrown me for quite the loop.

This is all quite funny if you think back to what I chose as my word of the year.


Think I'm being challenged/encouraged to actually KEEP that word as my motto for the year? I mean, really. Our house didn't sell after 10 months on the market. We are having a baby we didn't exactly "plan" to have. And now I'm not sure that my husband will be able to walk, drive, etc. when this baby arrives.

Yes, I believe I really am down to one option. Trust.

Oh - and just FYI, I'm WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL aware that I have it exceptionally good. After breaking into emotional tears this morning with my husband, he was quick to point out that if I really wanted to be overwhelmed, I could picture myself in this same situation living in Iowa. Or with him stationed in Iraq. Or worse.

And he's right. That's actually what brought the whole "trust" thing back to the surface for me. This is all working out the way it's supposed to. I know that. Unfortunately for me, it might not have the word "perfection" written all over it the way I expected it to - but I know that it will be okay.

*IF* I trust.

By the way, we do have history on our side. I didn't go into labor until my due date with Mitchell, and Georgia was 6 days late. So, there ya go. (Yes, I'm aware - it doesn't mean this one can't come early, I'm just saying that is not my pattern up to this point.)

So. Here I sit. With a gimpy hubby, two summer-crazed kiddos, a huge belly and a house that is no longer on the market. What does it all add up to?

A life I wouldn't trade for anything, a whole heap of hope and a renewed trust in Him that everything is going to be just fine.


Mari said...

You never do have a dull moment do you! I think God is checking out how you are doing on the word of the year - you know it's kind of like when you pray for patience! I know you'll be okay. Hope he heals quick!

I'm Sadie said...

I love this post Tara. What an amazing way to look at your life, even when you are feeling in the dumps. It's so true, just trust in Him with all your heart and everything will be fine. Hope Chris heals quickly!

Shelley said...

Great post Tara! It was great to hear from you again. I'm amazed at your Trust. I know you have to be emotional, I would be! But you sound like you've got a great support network, and a really Great God on your side! I pray your husband gets better quickly, and that in the meantime you have peace and patience! My third baby was late, so have hope!

Alana said...

Oh girl. Bless your heart. So sorry about the timing of all this. But I know God has your back on this ;-) Love the title of your post.

Lynn said...

When you are blessed with another little miracle, all these other side issues will pale in comparison. Hope your hubby is feeling mobile again soon, and I can't wait to read about the birth story you will have as God works out all these details for you.

Anonymous said...

You took your house off the market?

Yes, I will keep you in prayer. I flounder----I can empathize. You are securely loved and watched over by a very loving and merciful God.

Just remember where your help comes from!

Where's the preggy photo? :)

Sittintall said...

I think it's great that you thought of all those "worse" situations. It could be worse, and your faith is challenged. But HE will pull you through. And perhaps these challenges were even brought to you so that you would trust Him more and rely on Him for your life. That being said, your fears and anxiety is no less important of the people in Iowa. They are real fears. I know you will make it through, and thank goodness God is on your side to help you through these next 5 weeks. Hang in there, I'm sure you are doing a fantastic job even given your challenges.

BethAnne said...

So glad you are doing well (even if things are a little crazy). Isnt it funny how we get so overwhelmed at times and then look back to realize God had it all under control and did not need our help to take care of the situation?

You have a good attitude and I know that everything is going to work out AOK. Good to hear from you - keep us posted! If I was there, I would gladly run your errands and drive you around, really I would!

Kristen said...

There is never a dull moment....God is watching out for you and you will get through all of it. Soon you will be holding a new precious babe in your arms and everything else will fail in comparison.

I struggle with trusting too. I helped in Landon's Sunday School class yesterday and their verse this month is Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. He is learning about trust and it is a great reminder for me!

Sarah Markley said...

ohhh, its so good to be thankful! =)

Janelle said...

I would be a WRECK!! I hope your hubs heals fast because life is about to get even crazier---in a great and wonderful way!

5 weeks flys by!

Heather C said...

He certainly does answer our requests, doesn't He? So glad you're learning "trust" at an even deeper level, and that you're able to be grateful for the lesson! :) Praying for you...

Short Stop said...

Praying for you. Thinking of you! Can't wait to hear about your little one's arrival!

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