Monday, March 17, 2008

Laying low...

Hi, friends.

Just doing a quick check-in to let you know that I'm still here, everything is still fine, I am still plodding away. Here's a brief catch-up of what's happened lately...

*Sorry to leave you hanging on the house thing. It actually ended up snowing the day that the people who were really interested were supposed to come back for a 3rd showing. Their parents would have had to drive over an hour each way in good weather, so they just didn't come. My worst fear came true and in the week that followed, the couple who was once so interested in our home took a little drive and found a newer neighborhood about 10 miles up the road that appealed more to them. So...back to square one. As I told Chris, I wouldn't have been so bummed out about the whole thing had I not known how close it was. If I just knew that they'd had a 2nd showing and then nothing - at least I'd know, well -- must not have been for them. But we knew more -- that if their parents liked what they saw, they'd be writing us an offer. Just knowing that a snowstorm is what kept the pieces from falling into the right places? Hard to swallow. However, I'm aware that the same God we've been trusting in throughout this whole process is the author of that storm, so there has to be a good reason. Maybe it would have fallen through at closing. Maybe the next house we're meant to buy isn't on the market yet. Ohhhh... this brain of mine. It has me running in circles sometimes. So, *sigh* there's that.

*I'm 21 weeks along now and everything is fine and dandy with our little baby. It was a relief to get that great information from the amnio results and just know that everything is okay. I did send a long letter to the doctor who was so ummmm -- what was he? Let's just say the doctor that we were extremely disappointed in. At my last appointment with MY doctor, she was very sympathetic, apologetic, and glad to hear that I was writing a letter. She asked to be CC'd on it - that way he would know that she would also get a copy. I feel better not just whining about the treatment we received.

*The kids are good. Mitchell had his first soccer practice yesterday. He had so much fun and was so excited. I think he'll have a great time. Georgia started a Mommy & Me gymnastics class today. The first half was great. The second half was miserable. She loved the first half - especially the long, skinny trampoline that is literally half the length of the gym. Not so much in love with stopping the trampoline time. The rest of the session (probably about 15 -20 minutes, I'd guess) she spent in a crying, screaming, meltdown tantrum. Good times.

*Chris and I are good. We are keeping each other's chins up during this little uncertain time. Where will we live? What transitions do we need to prepare for? I've had some changes with some of my clients. He's still adjusting to his new position at work. We were both very let down with the house thing. Good thing we have each other. That's all I can say. Being married to my best friend is a very, very, very good thing.

I'll leave you with something that he told me I absolutely had to blog about. We got our dates mixed up and so I lined up my parents to watch the kids on Saturday, when really our little night on the town with friends is in two weeks. My parents (and the kids) were already excited to have a sleepover, so we got to have a night to ourselves. Well, being the wild and crazy kids that we are - we decided to go to Bennigan's for dinner, since we had a coupon. (And seriously, that's all we did. We came home, I put on pj's and fell asleep at 8:00 pm while Chris fell asleep at the same time in the bathtub. I'm telling you -- we are just pathetic sometimes.)

Anyway - so we're at Bennigan's. Not sure if you all know that it's an Irish American neighborhood restaurant/bar place. They get ALL kinds of excited about St. Patrick's Day over there. We arrived to two bagpipers (so not kidding) playing us in the door. I personally thought it was a little over the top, but hey -- I'm not so much a fan of REALLY loud bagpipes at Bennigan's. Could just be me.

So, we go in and sit down and I pretty much right off of the bat decide I need to use the restroom. (Par for the course these days.) So, I tell him what I'd like to drink and excuse myself. As I'm finishing up and getting ready to come out and wash my hands, I hear some women enter the restroom. They don't have to actually go -- they seem to be camped out in front of the mirrors chatting.

Now, girls - I'm about to give you a little lesson. If you ever want to see exactly how extraordinarily large you can feel, get yourself about halfway through your 3rd pregnancy and try this one. Oh, and it helps to be wearing a t-shirt and track suit.

I exit my bathroom stall and walk out to find three completely gorgeous, young, thin and non-cellulited women who were representing Killian's beer in the bar. They were all dressed in tiny, green tank tops, even tinier black mini (and I mean mini) skirts, and knee-length, black leather high-heeled boots. They were standing there fluffing up their hair, applying (more) lipstick and lipgloss and chatting about their shirts. One girl was telling one of the other girls that she didn't like the way her shirt fit because it was too big.

*Here's where I say "Excuse me" so I can wash my hands.*

The other girl says "Well, what size did you order?" She replies "A small. I should have ordered an extra-small like you did, Michelle. Look how much better yours fits."

At this point I realize that I now have to wedge back through the girls to reach the paper towels.
I swear to you, I wasn't trying to, but I was leading with my belly. I dried my hands off and waddled out the door as quickly as I could.

I sat back down in our booth and laughed as I told Chris the story. (Well, tried to tell him, actually. Those dang bagpipers were circulating around the restaurant and decided to camp out near us right about then, and I seriously had to semi-yell half of my story.) He said "Oh, I think that's gotta go on your blog. That is TOO funny." He's convinced it's not the same without actually seeing me re-enact my belly-leading waddle to the paper towel machine.

So. Anyway. You are now officially caught up with me.

I don't know -- I might try blogging more often here again. I just am kind of in a little funk (again, I know - I'm aware) and get sick of rehashing it over and over. But I'll try. Sometimes blogging actually pulls me out of it. I'll also try to make the bloggy rounds more often. I've been spending more of my down time reading these days -- sort of a little escape of sorts. But I'll try.

Love and hugs, bloggy friends. Love and hugs.


Mari said...

Glad you are doing okay and are at the halfway point! It's great to hear from you again!

Terri said...

I have the same sort of problems as you except I can't blame it on being pregnant! :)

Earen said...

Well, at least you aren't in your brother's wedding in which you'll be a bridesmaid and standing next to 3 other 18-19year olds who are stick thin!! Ha! That story made me laugh but I think a pregnant woman is beautiful & you radiate beauty my friend...But, I know how you feel!

Shelley said...

Oh how true your words are! That third pregnancy was hillarious! I think I waddled from 12 weeks on! Someday those super thin girls will understand! Someday! Glad to hear you're doing well!

Janelle said...

I have a secret...when no one is looking, I waddle.

It's par for the course I am sure. But I bet you felt a little like Kathy Bates in Fried Green Tomatoes. The part where the young skinny girls steal her parking space and she proceeds to hit their cute little car.

I felt like that reading about your bathroom experience.

Oh, I feel for you on the house situation. Keep your chin up. You are right where God wants you.

Rebekah said...

Sorry about the house deal but glad the baby is ok.

Alana said...

Oh that is FUNNY! I feel that way some days even when I'm not pregnant.

Some day those girls will be waddling to the paper towels with their pregnant bellies, too.

And we can all feel a little better knowing that.

Kristen said...

Thanks for the update. Glad to know things are going okay.

Your Bennigan's story - LOL :o)

Sarah Markley said...

Super cute...sorry about the skinny girls. That's no fun. you don't want me to tell you how much i gained with naomi - like at least as much as one of those girls weighed, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you friend!

I'll be praying about the house situation for you. It is blessed to have a husband as a best friend.

Emily said...

Hang in there my friend! Good to see you're still here. :) Sending hugs from CA!

I'm Sadie said...

BIG, BIG HUGS Tara! Loved your story about the skinny girls! You are beautiful and have so much more! Sorry to hear about the house again.

BethAnne said...

Dont worry about those girls in the bathroom - give them about 8 years and they will be the one leading with their pregnant bellies while watching beautiful girls primp. What comes around goes around.

Glad to hear from you -----

Tracey said...

Missed you!! I can just picture those girls and I'm laughing pretty hard. I'll be praying about the house - it's hard to wait.