Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Can an adult drown in 2 inches of water?

That's what I'm beginning to wonder. I feel like the things that are stressing me out and consuming my brain are like 2 inches of water and that I'm having trouble keeping my head up long enough to really breathe.

By two inches of water I mean that most of my stress is good stress, and even the stuff that's not are things that other people would LOVE to have as "problems". Really, I feel like instead of spending time being all stressed out and thinking about these things, I should be investing more time in actually counting my blessings.

I got an email a couple of years ago that I still remember and wish I had saved. It was something like "Thank you Lord for these dirty dishes because it means that my family has enough to eat." I mean, how true is that?

Here I am stressed out about packing up all of the CRAP (have I mentioned how extensive our collection of crap is??) while someone else could probably fit everything they own in one box and NONE of it is crap to them. In fact, if they had access to my "crap", they'd probably bitch slap me for even calling it that. Add to that, I have a fantastic, supportive hubby and two amazing kids to go through everything with -- and I might get downright beat up for whining.

Yes, there are things in my life that are stressing me out and would likely stress out 90% of the population, but I guess all it took was for me to have a phone call with a friend (who lost her baby boy last summer) and to watch the news last night in order to feel like I have the world on a string.

I need to just get over myself already and simply appreciate all of this stress that I have, as crazy as that sounds.

As I sit here typing, I can't help but feel like I've blogged about this before. It's because I have!

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Jamie said...

After you have had appropriate downtime you will be able to see the good again. Be patient and gentle with yourself...or I'll have to kick your arse!