Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What is it...

Does Target have a magnetic draw to my wallet? Is there some hypnotic field that I pass through each time I walk through the doors?

There has to be.

Check out how stupid I am. Seriously, not bright.

So, last month I went and spent $245 at Target. I thought my hubby's head was going to spin right off of his shoulders and land on the living room floor when I told him. Not mad...just, um, incredulous? Like HOW do you spend that much money in one trip? Wanna know my answer? HOW do you NOT spend at LEAST $100 each time?

I guess it helps that the only time he's EVER in Target is when I'm there, but still...

So, anyway, back to my frivolous spending. (Sort of -- most of it I'll go down on the ship for.) SO, I make this little pile of things that I can take back. $40 worth of stuff -- pretty good, huh? So I take it back today. And guess what -- I spent $126 more.

Uhhhhh, y-e-a-h....tonight should be fun when I break THAT news.

I swear, it's all stuff we need. Sort of need. Want. Really bad. Not me, the kids.

(How's it going so far...think he'll buy it? Me either.)

Letsee -- here's what I got...

*M's santa gift -- a big (like gigantic oversized slipper size) Lightning McQueen that talks and drives in crazy's the ONLY thing he wants the Big Guy to bring him and I know if I waited, they'd be sold out.

*Some Cars cars for his stocking

*A Cars ornament. He loved decorating the tree last year and this way we can remember his Cars birthday party. (logical, no??)

*Georgia's stocking -- again, does our daughter deserve LEFTOVERS? I think not. No, instead she needs the talking/singing Elmo stocking. (Why am I driving myself nuts with these toys, by the way? This will NOT help my cause with the hubster.)

*The Cars DVD - -it's M's bday present from us and it came out yesterday. I was thinking it might be sold out -- not so much, but still, now when it DOES sell out, it's SO not a problem here. *insert VERY cute smile and a few blinks here*

*The newest US Weekly. *cough* I feel sick and trashy mags help me feel better. *more winks and blinks and smiles*

Okay, so not such a good day at ol' Target today. Hope I don't have to cry. LOL


Renee said...

You're too cute. Target should post a warning on their doors. *Warning! You will overspend while you are here, and justify every purchase to the end.*

Love ya girl, hope you're having a good week!

Jamie said...

I have the same problem. I don't get to go there very much as Trey works there. He conveniently brings home everything we need. I did manage to drag him there last weekend. We didn't do *quite* as much damage as you, but if I had two kids to shop for you'd bet I'd be on par!

Kim said...

Totally understand, my friend. My problem is those little red clearance stickers. You think "Oh my gosh, I'm saving so much money by buying this! And look, I have a coupon!" Who knew you had to spend money to save money! They're addictive.

They have Little People on sale this week and it's taking a lot of my patience not to run grab something because Alexa still loves LP. We never did get her the doll house. *sigh*

Ira totally dreads the "'What did you do today?' 'Oh, nothing, I just ran by Target'" days.

Tara said...

Update -- still haven't spilled the beans and apparently he hasn't read the ol' blog. We did manage to fight about something completely unrelated tonight, so can't WAIT till this DOES come up. Yowza.