Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter weekend...

was INSANE. Seriously, I feel like all we did was drive, eat and change clothes. Over and over. And over and over.

Friday night we colored eggs, but Chris was so tired that he wasn't into it at all. Not that I think he would have been anyway - -but he and Georgia (sleeping on his chest) just kind of sat there waiting for us to be done so we could go to bed. Mitchell had a great time and asked to "cook" some more. That's all that matters, right? They did come out pretty good, actually.

Saturday we had my nephew's 3rd bday party way across town at 10:30. It was fun -- at the fire station and then the rec center -- but kid bday parties are always just loud and crazy. My parents kept Mitchell from there and we took Georgia to Barnes and Noble with us to shop for an anniversary gift for our friends. Came home, freshened up, fed her and out the door again we went. Got home a little after 9.

Up at 6 to get ready for 9:30 church. Had to pick my grandma up on the way -- met my parents and Mitchell there. Georgia and I had to cut out after communion (and I had to cut in line -- good thing my dad was an usher) because I was about 2 minutes away from running around with a wet shirt.Then we piled in the car, drove back across town for brunch at my IL's. We got there at about 11:30 and stayed until about 3. Georgia screamed the whole way home which means my shirt (through the pads and all) was soaked by the time we got back. She had pooped in the car and was just really mad and VERY pissed. So, we changed both of our clothes, and Mitchell's shirt -- he had chocolate on it. Pile back in the car and drive back across town to my mom and dad's for dinner. My brother ended up getting really sick and my sister in law had to take him to the ER in the middle of dinner. Turns out he had appendicitis and had emergency surgery to remove his appendix last night. Scary!!

I'm just totally wiped out today. I missed doing Easter Bunny stuff -- all because we were running around trying to make everyone else's day. Well, next year -- it's going to be less US rushing and more US relaxing. I think it just gets to be way too much. I am sure there will be some toes stepped on and feelings hurt when we don't see absolutely everyone but you know -- people need to understand what we go through with all of this. I felt exhausted and cranky at the end of the day -- so did Chris and the kids definitely did too.

I think the worst part is that I wasn't able to focus on the real meaning of it because we were so busy rushing around all day. Next year will be different -- I can't do that again. Can't wait for Mother's Day. Sigh.

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