Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ahhhhh....the spa!

Okay, so I love the spa. I love it more when it's sandwiched between adults-only (in this case, girlfriends only) meals, followed by shopping. What's not to love? Someone else pampering you and turning you into a pile of mush?? Come on...that's some seriously addicting stuff. I got a facial and loved it. Apparently though, it's worth it to shell out MAJOR money for their top of the line's what it is:

Copperfalls Signature Facial: A combined facial & back treatment which addresses your specific skin care needs, emphasizing cleansing, exfoliation & hydration. This treatment releases stress in the shoulders, neck & upper back, & ends with a pressure point foot massage. A blissful experience from head to toe!

Yeah...she said it's like a massage/facial combo. Can you even imagine? Sounds like heaven to me!!

I loved my whole day out with the girls. We just had so much fun and you know, it's not like we "abandoned" our lives, just kind of let them sit to the side for a few hours. Our topics of conversation shifted...we talked about the hubbies and the kids, we talked about family, we talked about other friends, we was just a great day to be ME. Just Tara. Not Chris' wife, not Mitchell's mom, but Tara the person and friend out for a day with the girls. My day out prompted me to ask my friends on Mitchell's birth board when the last time they went out to any meal with someone (adult) other than their spouse was and the majority couldn't remember when, it had been so long. That is just reality, folks, but it made me sad because I know what a magical day it was for me. It sounds dumb, but it was so much fun, so relaxing, and just kind of "renewing" to think about myself for ONE DAY. I think everyone should try to do it at least one time a year...have lunch with a friend or two. Outside of your home. Away from the hubby and/or kids. Can you tell I enjoyed myself?

We said we need to do it more often as we were leaving to return home...I wonder if we really will? I hope so!!

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